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Warning: some mild language and scenes of intimacy
Your POV: This was it, you were performing your new song on Mnet. After this, you had a schedule of multiple promotions on different shows for the next few weeks or so. It might even be a month. You were standing backstage in your matching outfits - Black skinny high waisted jeans with a white blouse tucked into them and black and white stripped boots. Your hair was pulled back into a half up half down style. The run through had gone really well but even so, you were scared and excited about your performance. After MAMA, rumours went around about you and Jungkook as a result of "the slow downfall of your relationship with BamBam". Yet, that all seemed far from your mind today. That was until a pair of arms wrapped around your stomach, pulling you into an embrace. "There's no need to look so nervous babe you'll do fine!" You turned round to face a very happy Jungkook. You leant your head into his chest and sighed. Originally you didn't want him here as it might add extra pressure, but so far he only seemed to calm your nerves. "Listen to me, you perform your socks off and I'll take you out for dinner later ok?" You nodded, not even bothering to think about the media. He quickly kissed your forehead as you were called onto the stage.
The music began and almost made you jump. Zara started singing her part and in turn, you began the dance. Every now and then, you would look over to see Kookie smiling at you. You caught him occasionally biting his lip as he blankly stared at you dancing. ~ about 3 minutes later ~ Luna had sung the last lyric and the whole group froze in their last positions. You could feel the newly formed sweat fall from your body but you were quick to catch your breath. You then all began to run off stage. Kookie was still stood there and you practically collapsed into his arms. "You did amazing Y/N!" and once again he was placing delicate kisses on your forehead, "looks like dinner is on me!" He led you back to your changing room, his hand interlocked with yours.
You were still hand in hand as you walked over to a fancy restaurant. Except you had changed, you were now wearing a short ish red dress but decided to keep your hair the same. Once you were sat down at a table, a waiter came over to you. You couldn't quite put your finger on it, but there was something about his appearance that you liked. "Can I take your order?" You had completely fazed out as Jungkook ordered. "Ma'am?" The waiter snapped you out of your daze. "Yeah sorry, I'll have the lasagne please" Once he left, Kookie gave you a puzzled look, "you ur... Alright babe?" You nodded, "fine why d'you ask?" Maybe you shouldn't have asked him to explain.... "Well I mean you were looking that waiter up and down and... almost found him fascinating in some kind of.. w-way" You stretched your arm across the table and took his hand in your own, "look the only reason I was looking at him was to see why he reminded me of someone I know okay." There was a pause as you figured out what it was, "he has your eyes" It was true, they both had similar eyes but that wasn't the only thing that attracted you if truth be told.
JUNGKOOK's POV: The whole thing about the waiter had angered him but he wasn't going to let you know that. This was one of the last times he would see you for multiple weeks. That's what he hadn't told you, he couldn't come to every concert/show as he was busy with BTS and also BigHit didn't allow him to go to every single thing you did because of the media. He was told to focus on his own work but how could he? Seeing how you were towards some random waiter, how could he be sure that you'd stay loyal to him over a long period of time? Although he was going to make the next few days some of the best with you, he was also going to make sure that you were aware he didn't want you cheating. Once the meal was over, he was happy to know that you hadn't looked over at the waiter once he mentioned it. He had some kind of reassurance!
Your POV: The thing is... BigHit had told you that Jungkook wasn't allowed to go to every promotion you did but you had talked to him about sneaking in to see you. He agreed at the thought and you felt all warm inside knowing that your boyfriend was going to take time to see you. As he walked you back to your dorm, he kept you close by his side, his arm wrapped around your shoulders. It was perfect! You bent down to put you key in the door and unlock the door. You barely stepped inside the door and stopped to turn to Jungkook. "Thanks for everything babe, really, it's been fun!" He leaned forward and you two kissed. Then suddenly something came over both of you and soon the kiss wasn't so delicate. Soon Jungkook had worked his way into your dorm and slammed the door shut with his foot. Neither of you broke contact apart from to breath. He linked his arms around your waist and beckoned you to lift up your legs. You went along with it and wrapped your legs around his waist while he carried you to your room.
He delicately placed you down on your bed and climbed on top of you. Your fingers were now embedded within his hair and he had his still placed on your waist. Finally his mouth detached itself from yours and he started to plant kisses all down your neck. It took you a short while to process things. You pushed yourself up to lean on your elbows, "Kookie, maybe you shouldn't leave marks on my neck, I have promotions you know" "Those God damn promotions" a smirk then came across his face, "I swear once your promotions are done, your neck will be covered in marks" His antics made you giggle and you could feel your cheeks go bright red. You stared at him as he licked his lips, he obviously noticed as another smirk covered his face. He bent backwards to face the other way, looking for something else. Yet, you weren't able to check and see what he was doing as he was straddling you meaning you weren't able to move much. When he turned around, he had a little square gripped between his teeth. Without another word he raised up his eye brows, "someone came prepared" you joked.
~the next morning~ You woke up to a sight of Kookie next to you. He was still fast asleep - so innocent. You slipped out of bed to go get ready. Once you applied pressure on your leg, it was as if you hadn't walked in days. 'Damn it' you thought. You practically hobbled to the kitchen to get yourself a drink first when you were confronted by Tammy. "Hey!" You said through a yawn and clicked your back. "Damn I didn't think that you and Jeon boy would go so hard you know!" She teased. Your cheeks went bright red. How the hell did she know what you two did last night?? "Ur... Excuse me?" You finally managed to form words. "Well when I came in last night, I saw his shirt by your door and a very small packet that had obviously been opened. So I assume you two weren't just eating sweets last night while we were out" If your face wasn't red before, it was certainly burning now. She chucked you a small box, "it's fine, take these, they're for sore muscles etcetera." You grabbed the box and went to slide it in your back pocket when you realised that you were stood there in your underwear... Oops. You kept your head down as you quickly grabbed a glass of juice and rushed back to your room.
You opened the door to see Kookie sat upright. His raspy voice spoke out, "you alright babe?" You nodded and sat at the end of the bed drinking the juice. His hand found its way to your hip and rested there, "Y/N, what are those?" He pointed to the box in your hand. "Pills Tammy gave me..." You hesitated, "for sore muscles and that" He almost snorted, "what did she see my shirt by the door?" You nodded and looked away. You heard noises and his hand swept your face round to look at him. He was sat close to you now, "why are you embarrassed? Does it really matter to you that your band mates know what we did last night?" You placed your glass down on the side table, "I don't know.. I mean.. they're g-gonna tease me yeah... but you don't seem to care... so I don't think I should either" "Babe... At least they know that you're happy!" You playfully slapped his arm, "shut up you!" At that point, he dragged you down and you both lay there sharing warmth. It was nice to have him around, he was so comforting. He had made you forget all that stress that the following promotions would cause. He was amazing like that, if only you could stay like this forever.
What do you guys think??? I hope you enjoyed!! More parts on the way - as soon as I can. Thanks for all the support! Tagging random people... @PatriciaS @MaritessSison @kpopandkimchi @BetseyBleau @LunaFergus @SerenityThao @EmmaJolie @HopeAndSunshine
Kookie wanted to make sure that she knows that she is his...claiming his woman! lol
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