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Sneaking his items back to the Bangtan dorm didn't go exactly as planned because Namjoon was up when he and V entered the house. After the leader finished raising hell on the two for thirty minutes Namjoon gave up seeing that Mark had already brought his stuff with him. However not before smacking Tae upside his head, before helping move Marks to Tae's room. "Why is he staying in my room?""Well you were the one who decided to help him move in the middle of the night, so he is your responsibility."I just love how they are discussing me like I'm not even here. "Mark try not to get into too much trouble, i'll discuss you staying here for a bit with our manager." That's all the leader says before he leaves. "So since i don't share a room with Jungkook anymore you can have his old bed." Mark makes a face and V seems to catch on to what Mark is thinking. "Don't worry Mark, Jungkook and i only had sex on my bed.""I don't need to know the extra info Tae!""Your face said all bro." By the time He and Tae are done putting his stuff away its 7:20am. Jimin enters the room and grabs V and drags him toward the room door "We have schedules V, Mark i'll see you later. oh and make sure you steer clear of Tae's bed, it's lethal.""I already know thanks for the advice.""Maybe we can go for drinks after our schedules are done."With V saying that mark is left in the dorm alone with nothing to do, besides wallow in the silence. And it isn't exactly a bad thing since he won't exactly have any once they get back.
BZZ.BZZ.Mark looks around to find the direction of where the noise is coming from it being his cell phone no doubt.BZZ.BZZ.He turns to find his cellphone on Tae's beds headboard closest to the wall, and the only way he could get to it, was to touch Tae's mattress. Mark positions himself to where none of his body has to make physical contact with V's bed and He snatches his phone then boost himself up.BZZ.BZZ. Alright,alright I'm coming. Mark swipes his phone open only to discover that it's not Tae texting him like he thought.
Suga 7:25am
Suga 7:26am
Suga 7:26
Answer your damn phone i know its by you.
Suga 7:27am
Are you serious, you are ignoring me, you asshole!!
Suga's Temper exceeds him, like always.
Mark 7:27am
I wasn't ignoring you, my phone was on Tae's headboard.What do you want.
Suga 7:28am
Eww! you touched his bed!
Mark 7:28am
What do you want Yoongi
Suga 7:28am
Hurtful Mark, you seriously can't tell its me, Tae?
Mark 7:29am
What do you want?
Suga 7:29am
we are going out for drinks after schedules and Yoongi and Namjoon wanted to know if you wanted to come home.
Mark 7:29am
Suga 7:30am
alright i invited you but i go to go suga is about to come back and he'll kill me if he see's that i am using his phone, I'll send the address to you later though.
Suga 7:30am
Oh and make sure ya dress nice, see ya
I never said that i was going, leave it to Tae to ultimately decide that a person is automatically going. Mark plops down on his new bed and discovers that he is actually tired, and he know that Tae has to be as well since he helped him move and everything.Mark ends up sleeping most of the day away and Tae sends him the address for the Bar. Mark decides to put on a white sweater with a black cardigan and where ripped black jeans to match,guessing that it went along the lines as dressing nice. Mark leaves the Dorm feeling like he needs the drink he is about to have or more over feels like he deserves it but fifteen minute into the walk searching for the bar he gets lost.BZZ.BZZ.
Suga 6:45pm
Mark 6:45pm
Suga 6:45pm
are you on your way?
Mark 6:46pm
Um yeah but i'm sort of lost, this is a long street.
Suga 6:46pm
of course. i'm coming to get you
Suga 6:46pm
Nevermind i see your blonde hair from here >3<
Mark is ready to punch Tae in the face until he see's Suga come into view, which explain that last text message. "You know you could've walked a little faster so i didn't have to meet you all the way here." Suga has a talent for making me feel more like crap than i already do."Come on don't look at me like i just kicked a puppy in the face."Yoongi grabs Mark by the wrist and guides him until they are at the Clubs actual bar. Not that Mark needed any assistance. "What drink do you want?" "Where is everybody else?"" I was the first one to arrive, the others will be here soon." Great so now i'm stuck here alone with him just great. "Mark?""Uh yeah the Blue One." Yoongi orders the drinks and takes a swig of his purplish-yellow cocktail. Weird. " So what happened between you and Jackson?""Nothing,It's stupid.""If it's stupid then why are you here?""Because of JB, He makes me feel inferior.""Like i thought, just go Talk to Jackson." Mark swigs his drink nect and lets the bitter taste surround his taste buds. "Why do you even care?" Yoongi looks at Mark with something in his eyes that the older can't identify."I don't" "Then why ask?" Yoongi looks at Mark again but this time he has a different facial expression however like the first it is unreadable. Yoongi is about to say something when his phone starts to vibrate."Hello...What?...Are you serious....Fine whatever...Okay...Bye." Yoongi sighs heavily and motions for the bartender "Check please.""Wait where are you going?""The others bailed because the are too tired from schedules, so i'm going home." Yoongi signs of on the check and then takes his coat as he gets up however Mark stops him by grabbing his wrist. "Wait...I really need this, i mean i really need company." Yoongi sighs and retakes his seat motioning for the Bartender again and ask for the him to make 5 more 'Blue Shots'. Yoongi looks at Mark and then sighs again "You are going to be a handful aren't you?"Mark takes another swig of his drink and this time when he taste it, it taste a little bit sweeter.
"Why are you so heavy? I shouldn't have bought you those extra drinks, now look at you." Yoongi states exasperated while maneuvering Mark down onto his bed. He would have been in his own room but V said it was to much of a Hassle to have a drunk Mark in his room before he shut the door and locked it right in Yoongi's face. He is going to have to kill the other tomorrow. However Mark yanks on his hand and it bring him out of his thoughts. "Yoongi do you know, your blue hair reminds me of that drink that i had, it's so pretty.""Yeah, yeah whatever."Yoongi struggles to get his hand out of Marks grip however is brought down forcefully onto the bed beside Mark. "What the hell do you think you are doing?""What was that facial expression you had on your face earlier?" Yoongi knows exactly what Mark is talking about but he doesn't have to let Mark know, and he really needs to figure out a way not to have his emotion show on his face. "I don't know what you mean.""Liar.""Just like how you lied to Jackson, Right?" Mark pushes Yoongi away from him and turns around so that he is facing the wall. "It's none of your business.""I Know but at least i care, At least i asked so you would be able to vent Mark!"He really doesn't need Yoongi to yell at him right now."I didn't ask you to, I don't need to vent to anyone, so why don't you just act like you don't care like everybody else!""Because i like you! Asshole! and maybe just maybe if you stopped moping over Jackson and JB i could help you get over being Indirectly rejected!" It's silent for a few minutes after that a Mark eventually sits up to face Yoongi. And it may be the alcohol in his system, or Yoongi's sudden confession but Mark finds himself kissing the Younger, and Yoongi returns his kiss. Its sloppy, drunkened and wet but it's what Mark really needs right now. What he didn't realize he needed. Yoongi Pushes him back on to the bed and entangles his hands through Marks hair. While Marks hand reciprocate by Gliding artistically over Yoongi's body and it doesn't take the two long to lose themselves in the pleasure. But amazingly Mark doesn't find himself thing about Jackson, the only thing his mind can wrap around is Yoongi's hot breaths and little moans in his ear.
In the morning Though Mark awakes and even though he has the worst hangover possible Yoongi is right there an unusually cute bright smile on his face feeding mark 'Hangover Soup' that he made himself. And Mark finds himself thinking that whatever is about to happen between him and Yoongi he is going to give it a try, move on from Jackson and that ultimately he regrets nothing.
But does he?
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