Hey guys! I know it's been awhile since I updated anything as of fanfics ( mian mian mianmor) I have been busy with end of year performances and been on & off sick ( damn allergies) these pass days ( so please don't kill me ) I haven't been able to write up new chapters since I been halfway dead but I decided to share something I written a few weeks ago. I'm starting to keep a dream journal because for some reason some of them come true but yet I can't recall it or they were to good that I want to relive them(most of them ) * I added the songs that was in my dream. if you guys like that then I'll do that more* * Also comment below if you want me to add you to my taglist!!* So here's my first entry :
Dream count 1 : April 18 Reason for dream: maybe because I was watching a few videos of B.A .P for dance research. Lemme tell you that I was confused as hell. My biases of B.A.P is Yongguk , Zelo, and Himchan. So it was weird to have a dream about Daehyun. Then again i was ogooling over his Instagram account for like the 10 minutes plus he is really cute. Dream.: Me and Shaun (best friend & member)was in Korea during the Spring. We made it as trainees in a company that I don't remember the name of at the moment. Our Youtube channel Kmseoul became a well known name in the kpop Youtube community at the time so when we came to Korea we worked with different production teams. I was called on a solo production that so happened to be a gorilla concert. My challenge was to bring in a crowd of at least a 100 as I perform on the street. A trainee in our company me and Shaun became close with decide to help me by Dj-ing. His name was Jungmin but went by J-min. " You're ready Hyung?" he nudged me while I was trying to breath so I could calm down. I know I'm a girl but for some reason he loves to call me Hyung. He was a smol Korean boy who was only 14. He had dark brown hair and a bright bunny smile. " I hope so... A bit worries though." I said looking at all the young couples sitting on the grass enjoying their time. I felt a hand touch my shoulder softly. " Hyung you'll do fine. You have improved and it will be fun trust me." " Alright, I will do my best. Fighting !" I cheered . He smiled and went to his station. We waited awhile for some of our fans to come. About 20 couples came down to our area. " Let's start and we will bring in a bigger crowd." J-min said to me. I nodded and began the gorilla concert. " Hello ladies and gentlemen and pets! I'm a 17 year old trainee that is from the U.S. I am also the leader and Co -creater of the Youtube group Kmseoul. My name is Sasha nice meet you all." the small crowd clapped. " Can I sing you guys a few song today? " the crowd cheered a yes . I gave the nod to J and we started. " This is one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite singers. You guys might know him too so join in if you know the words." I began to sing 'No Makeup' by Zion.t. * play song* Surprisingly, my voice was clearer than usual. I mean I don't have a bad voice but usually in front of others my voice become unstable but at that moment my range and nerves were calm. I still needed work but it sounded nice. The song ended and I could hear cheers surround us. More people came and so it was a bit crowded. " Wow~~ look J! We have a big audience !" " Yes, look at all these beautiful people. Are you guys feelin' good?" J said point his mic to the crowd. They cheered cheerfully. I looked at J with a smile and he returned it by starting to mix on his board. " Alright this is a original by me and my friend Shaun. It's called forever with you and I hope to be forever with you guys! Lets go! " I began to sing and rap our subunit song. The crowd was getting hype to the hip-hop/r&b beat. We were having a good time interacting with the crowd. " Woo~ you guys are amazing." the crowd cheered and more and more people came . " I think we completed the challenge J." I said happily and the crowd cheered happily. " Alright, I see a lot of couples here. Why don't we slow it down for them out their Sy? " J asked and I gave him the nod .
The music started slowly. " I have a question for our men out there. Do you actually know how to touch a girl?" I asked and the crowd made funny comments that where none the less inappropriate. " No, not that way you nasties.I mean emotionally and mentally. Do you know how to touch her heart?" the females in the crowd cheered and I chuckled. " Well, for our boys out there this song is for you. Listen closely and grab your girl or lover . How to touch a girl by Jojo" The crowd cheered and quited down as I started to do adlibs. The happy couples began to move to the romantic melody in eachothers arms. I looked out to the beautiful crowd to see one male with a white mask and camera in hand filming. I could see his excited smile under his mask as his eyes squinted into cute crescents. I wondered why he was alone amongst these couples. He looked handsome even with the mask but then again I have a thing for guys and masks. Maybe I should give my attention to him and make him special since he was alone. As the song progressed I walked to his direction and the crowd began to whisper cheerfully. ' Baby if we do' I looked into his camera basically making love to it. ' oooh woo~ I'll be giving all my love~~ ' I pointed to him with a sweet smile plastered on my face. ' To you~~' His eyes went a bit wide but he cheered with the rest of the crowd. " Oh my god. Isn't she amazing? " he talked to the camera. I hit the last highnote in the song and the crowd went wild. I walked back to the mic finishing the song. " Thank you~ Ahh my next song.... Mm I want to sing with you guys." The crowd cheered and many people raised their hands to be picked. " Do you guys know ' like in going to lose you' ?" " Ye!!" " J-min help me pick our new member. " J walked from his station and looked into the crowd. " How about you handsome?" I looked at where he was pointing and it was the same male with the white mask. A smile painted on my face. The said male walked up to the mic shyly. He was of medium height but he is taller than me by a few inches. His hair was also a ashy brown and his eyes were big yet still slanted with really good eyeliner. He dressed well also with ripped black skinny jeans and a white button up shirt with a nice black varsity jacket. " I-i forgot some of the lyrics. " he shyly said rubbing his neck. He had a cute yet manly Busan accent. " Don't worry i got your back up . " I smiled and we began the song.
His voice was so beautiful~ it was so familiar but I couldn't put my tongue on it. The song was coming to a beautiful end with us looking at each other. " Encore ! Encore! !" the crowd cheered loudly. I looked towards the male for his permission. " Hey what's your name? " J asked the male. " Daehyun.... Jung Daehyun. 23 year old. " the Busan male. My eyes widened a bit .... That voice...... D-daehyun from B.A.P? " Wait...... " the crowd whispered in curiosity of the male. " Ahh~ I got caught huh?" the male took off his mask and the crowd went absolutely loud. " D-daehyun? The Daehyun? " I said in awe. " Y-yeah, we are B.A.P yessir! Hello guys I am Daehyun." he shyly smiled as the crowd cheered and screamed. " Oh my! I am such a fan of yours." I said in awe. He looked at me with the biggest smile almost fanboy like. " No, I'm a big fan of yours. You're amazing in my eyes. " My face flushed deeply as I tried to hold in my fangirl feels. Must stay perfessional . " W-wow thank you. I'm honored -" I was pretty much speechless. " Well, how about you sing us a song sunbaenim?" J asked and the crowd screamed in agreement. " Should I?" he said and the crowd pleaded. He looked at me cutely and nodded his head. " Just for you and the rest of the babys out there." he said telling J the song he wanted sing. "Sit here for me?" he asked grabbing my hand making me sit on one of the chairs . " This song I sing goes out to someone.... You know special. "
The song hug me by 2bic began to play. This was one of my favorite songs and I remember mentioning in a video that if a guy asked me out with this song I would die... I died. .. I honestly died I squealed internally when he looked at me every now and then throughout the song. The crowd began to swoon over his beautiful voice and how romantic he sounded. I on the other hand was practically melting in my seat. He looked and sounded so good. As the song started to reach its climax he grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him. My heart was beating so unrealistically fast. The bastard had a sweet smile plastered on his face as the crowd cheered and oohed at the sight. " I'm gonna love you~~" he looked at me deeply. I was lost in this moment but sadly my brain had to tell me that we could get in some trouble. " Ya, sunbae don't go so far or we'll get in some trouble." I whispered but he ignored it with a shrug of his shoulders hugging me completely this time. " 각 안아줄래~~( hug me close) " The crowd went wild as he ended the song with me in his arms. My face: red as shit He chuckled and let me go with so much happiness in his eyes. I could honestly melt right there If that was humanly possible. " Ya, get your hands off my Hyung~ " J said playfully and the crowd laughed and so did we. " Aye~~ she didn't opposed so " he pull me back in his arms. J pouted and the crowd was booming with laughter and cheers. " Alright, how about one more song from loverboy sunbae and my pretty noona?" J asked the crowd and they screamed in agreement. " Mm~~ I love you?" he chirped and the crowd cooed. His eyes widen as he realized what he said. I chuckled at his cuteness it was just too much~ ~ " N-not like that... I mean uh the song by 4men! " he blushed deeply as I chuckled. " Aye~~~~" the crowd jeered playfully. " Alright, 4men say I love you. Music cue!" I said trying to save him from embarrassing himself even more.
We took turns singing lines of the song and looking at eachother happily. He grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers as we continued to sing the song. At that moment it was like a heavenly dream (it is) " Say I love you~~~" we ended the song smiling like the idiots we were as the crowd screamed with joy. Though it was many of people are around it was just us. That moment was our moment and we couldn't stop smiling. " Awe that was so cute!~ Sorry to say that the show has to come to a end now. Also, Sasha...." "Ye, J?" " you passed the challenge!!!" the crowd cheered as me and Daehyun excitedly jumped . " Thank all of you guys for coming and I hope you all will continue to support us and thank you sunbae. You guys have a good night!" the crowd cheered for the last time and began to leave the venue. " I'll see you later Hyung~~ have fun with loverboy. " I hit j in the shoulder as he chuckled. He left me and Dae to talk on our own. He was just as I imagined he would be: playful but sweet. * a few moments later* " Dae where have you been!!" a short male came running towards me and Dae as we sat on the chairs at the venue. The short man looked at us confused as he got closer. I was a bit nervous hoping I didn't get him in trouble. " Uh... See what happened was I saw Sasha.... And I couldn't miss the opportunity to see her. Causeyouknowimahugefanandimbasicallyinlobewithherand.....yeah.... Sorry managernim." he rubbed the nape of his neck. I honestly didn't understand what the male said but apparently his manager did. " Wait? So you're Sasha? The one the boys been raving about for like forever? " the manager took a closer look at me. Me: nervous wreck. " Y-yeah that is me. I am Sasha from Kmseoul... Uh nice to meet you. " I bowed and the man cooed. " Wow, I can see why Dae is in love with you! You're so cute~~" " Hyung!~~" I chuckled atthe blushing Dae. " Oh lets finish this ongoing war between you and Zelo. Sasha-ssi who is your bias in B.A.P? " the manager asked. " My bias is Yongguk sunbaenim " I said shyly and the ahjussi laughed. " What?!" Dae pouted. God he was cute I honestly couldn't resist it. " I like him as a performer though... After I finally met you though... I-i like you more as a person other than someone i idolize. So in some way you win...." I mumbled but Daehyun understood every word and was ecstatic. "Cute~~~ It was nice meeting you Sasha! But we have to head back home. Dae has a meet early in the morning " the ahjussi pulled Daehyun away. " Wait!!!" Daehyun ran from his grip back to me. I looked at the man a bit confused. " You got my number right?" I nodded," I'll message you later to meet us at the venue tomorrow. If you don't mind i would like to be around you more." " A-ah sure. I would love that. " I blushed as a smile painted his beautiful face. " oh and-" he held my face in his warm hands and started kissing my forehead, then my cheek. He stopped and hovered over my lips with a deathly smirk. He backed away with the same look. I felt relief yet disappointment. Relief: I would've died if he did Disappointment: cause I would've happily died. " See ya~~" he chuckled and ran back to his manager. * mansae !!! You have a message! * I looked at my phoned to see: Busan prince oppa <3 We can save that kiss for when I'm you're #1 bias and not Gunk Hyung! >~< The venue is * fake address* see you there princess I chuckled and after that my dream went black . It was a new setting and i was there but I seen Daehyun wake up with a content smile. " Aw... It was just a dream huh? I wonder if she's real or maybe not. " he said sighing . " She was really cute too~~~" Then it went back to black and I woke up in the real world. Officially sad that I have been bias wrecked by Jung fucking Daehyun!! End.
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