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Looking for new and trendy designs to help you stay on track with fashion's ever evolving cycle of styles isn't always an easy task.
Here are some upcoming designers / bag lines that can transform your idea of what's hip and set your style apart.

1. The "Blair" Convertible Backpack from Dolce Vita Collection

These bags are extremely unique, because they're convertible. If you're a serious, stylish woman this is the brand for you. Inspired by New York City, coffee culture and wine colors Dolce Vita offers two unique lines for the girl on the go. They're designed for women who know what they want and understand trends before they happen. Check out this convertible backpack style...perfect for girls who want to seamlessly transition from work to happy hour.

2. Shaffer Fringe Bag

Quintessential Los Angeles designer Erin Shaffer creates designs that are the perfect spring companion. With boho elements like fringe and leather, these styles are taylor made for music festivals, lunch dates and even beach trips.

3. Derek Lam's "Crosby" Bag

This bag is a classic color and shape for spring. Pastels are always en Vogue, because Easter is still a thing and the classic lines of Derek's spring line go perfectly with tradition. This is the bag you take on a big job interview or a date with someone you want to impress.

4. Tori Burch Fringed Weekender Bag

This bag (and matching flats) conjures up images of beautiful weekend getaways and California waves. The long fringe elements keep it a high-style piece, but the color scheme keeps it fun. Whether you're going out on the town on a hot summer night or out to the beach on a hot summer day, this is the perfect bag.

5. Jason Wu Black Leather Everyday Bag

This is the kind of bag you can carry on a day to day basis, while most bags are great as a fashion staple and a continuous reminder of your sense of style it's always googd to have something practical, much like the first installment on this list, the Jason Wu bag can be used from day to night.
Haha totally @cindystran now that I'm looking at it again I think it's the color haha maybe if it was all black or white it might not be as overwhelming lol
@TessStevens I have nothing against fringe. I think it's a cute detail on hobo bags but that particular design is overdone. I couldn't help but recall my cheerleading days. Not a great memory lol.
@cindystran Hahhaa yeah totally! I love fringe though it's totally tacky but definitely an acquired or limited taste hahahah
Out of all the bag, Derek Lam's "Crosby" is my favorite. The style is sleek, clean and feminine. Most least favorite is probably the Tori Burch Fringed Weekender Bag. Too much fringe and it looks like a pom pom.