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So Funko released 4 One Piece Pop figures that were supposed to come out this month but the Game Stop in my home town told me their release got pushed back to June which broke my heart. Yesterday however though I was out shopping with a friend of mine and found Tony Tony Chopper in one of the little shops. I literally screamed when I found it. Then we went to another place and they had Monkey D Luffy!!! I couldn't believe it! So my guess is that only the other two Pops were delayed with release which if you don't already know, are going to be Portagas D Ace and Trafalagar D Law!!!! I can't wait for them to come out! 😊😁😍
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Don't tease a mans heart with this!! Having some of the best characters of all time to enjoy!!!!!!!!!!! And I thought I already had enough OP stuff with all the manga, clothes, figurines, and apparel!! Guess it's these and more tattoos next!!