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Netizens discuss some interesting differences between SM & YG Entertainment, one of the most popular & biggest agencies in South Korea. Every agency does things differently. They want their artists to meet certain requirements. They have to look a certain way, different concepts, their style of timing comebacks, etc. Basically, these agencies want the best of the best. So they have different ways they treat their artists. This was originally posted on Pann. Here is the main differences between the two agencies from the netizens point of view:
SM Entertainment: Recruits kids who are top of their classes~ (of course there are exceptions) These are fund kids who like to have fun. But then, they also recruit people who can speak difference languages. They like people who look Korean but are international. They pick the best looking people (there are also exceptions) Their visuals are outstanding.. both girls and guys. They dress their idols really well. Even their airport fashions are wanted by fans and netizens. SM’s chairman Lee Sooman is working hard to grow these flowers but due to his success, he is wanted by the international police interpol.
YG Entertainment: All of the kids knew how to play and get turnt at an early age. They were already talented in playing and they can really put a party on. YG recruits all of these kids. That is why there are sometimes problems with their alleged ‘attitude’ But then, YG only recruits people with talent.. Especially in hip hop and rap.. Due to G-dragon, there are very Korean rhythms in songs.. This agency has the most influence in the US and Europe. But… CEO Yang Hyun Suk is a selfish collector that only wants these dolls for himself.. And doesn’t want to release them to the public often.. They have unique fashion. They also have people who cause controversies outside of work.”

Do you think some of these are true? What is your opinion on both agencies?

Here is what some other netizens said about the comparing of SM & YG: [+231 / -35] But what is really unique is that YG Entertainment kids played very clean in the past despite their image + they have more talented idols compared to SM Entertainment [ +205 / -16] YG artists never had controversies regarding their past.. It is only after debut [ +187 / -5] YG never had a non-Korean idol hahaha That is most shocking hahaha They will though with their new idol group haha They have less international idols than any other companies.
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I find this really interesting...from what I have heard most people think that YG is way better than SM especially when it come to how they treat their idols.
@IWuvKpop the CEO did change, but Lee SooMan is still the founder and a chair man.
@AaliyahNewbell true But didn't the CEO for SM change?
@IWuvKpop I am actually not sure