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Cauldron Ice Cream in Santa Ana, CA is my bubble of happiness. Their ice cream is always creamy, their egg waffles crispy on the edges, chewy within the bubbles, golden brown all over. My favorite: the s'mores puffle, an egg waffle filled with the richest chocolate ice cream, a cloud of marshmallow fluff and a sprinkling of graham cracker crumbs. Check out Yelp for my take on 7 other flavors!
@danidee oooh yes, dj has some really tasty places. and for some reason i've never gone into super irvine, even though i've gone to that plaza so many times (bruxie is another of my faves). saffron and yogurt sounds like such a unique ice cream flavor though that i'll have to pick some up next time i go!
@danidee there's so much good food! and there's always new things popping up all the time (have you done halal guys yet, or checked out honey and butter? those aren't that new but they're cool + surprisingly tasty considering the hype).
I should go on another Irvine trip. It's been a while!
@danidee oh yeah then i'd definitely recommend the irvine one (: i haven't gone to any other honeymee's besides the irvine one, but they look (and i bet taste) the same.
@danidee honeymee is delicious too! there's one in irvine if that's closer to you (as well as other locations). honeymee is more simplistic, whereas cauldron is more over the top, so keep that in mind. happy ice cream eating!
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