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Beauty bloggers everywhere are weighing in on the new lipsticks from MAC x Chris Chang of Poesia collection. The packaging on this collection is incredible, as I stated earlier this week...but are the shades actually wearable?
"Cloud Gait" is a green shade that seems to work over top of other shades, adding a little bit of purple to pinks, and some green to reds.
The collection boasts gold and green shades as well as pinks and reds...but the question is...can you wear any of them?

Plum Princess

This purple rolls on semi-sheer as demonstrated by blogger Jen Clark. It's kind of a strange shade due to the amount of brown in it, but could be flattering when combined with the next color.


This is a topcoat lipstick that does best when layered with something under it. Its gold sheen is not opaque, but looks seriously cool inside the chrome blue tube.

Vermillion Vee

This gorgeous red lipstick could give the classic Ruby Woo a run for its money.


This fluorescent pink is perfect for spring time, not too crazy for daytime.

Do you think these shades are unwearable? Which ones would you buy?

Def. I kind of liked the pink though. I feel like everyone wants to get a piece of the new collections though, simply because they're limited.
Yes they are wearable! I'd wear plum princess!!!
@stephosorio that one is gorgeous
plum princess!
Exactly!! That's why I usually grab at least one product from collections that launch. This one would be simply for the packaging, it's fly.
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