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Hawaiian Eats: Butter Mochi
Chewy and dense, this Hawaiian treat (made with sweet rice flour, which gives the dessert its characteristic texture and also ensures that it's gluten-free) is a family favorite waiting to be discovered. Recipe here (butter mochi and custard mochi)!
that looks like Chinese sweet rice cake where they eat during the New year? The rice cake can be baked, steamed and fried, has a sweet and chewy texture, wonder if they are the same? what are the ingredients I'm curious?
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@Animaniafreak It's pretty similar, though this one has a more pronounced butter flavor, and is slightly less dense than nian gao. I haven't made nian gao in years, but from what I remember, butter mochi is much easier to make! This one has sweet rice flour, milk, butter, sugar, vanilla, eggs and baking powder (sorry, I forgot to add the recipe link to the post earlier!).
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Oh wow, I hadn't even heard of this before. I'm going to try to make it this weekend!
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@danidee yay! let me know how it goes (:
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