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I'm against time, but still remotely curious as to where it will take me and others. The fact we made up time and the way we use it is something that can keep us in line; when to go to work and not be late, or on a date and not upset our significant other, or pay our rent on a specific day without being charged.
When we think of a time, being now, we think of the shortest possible moment but it slips away so fast before you can blink. We wait anxiously for something to happen in the future and trying to revive something in the past is like digging a hole in the center of the Earth, making it your future grave. Sure, it can be frustrating to live in the present, but knowing that you are here, right now, at this very moment and knowing that you wish to change for the better in the future, being here now is a starting point of sanity and completion. Because when you think about the future so much you tend to get delusional over an idea that isn't created, and if you look back on the past, you're only reliving words, places, and people you cannot take back because they have already been used and your precious time and the ones you were with at the time have been depleted.
Nobody can tell you who they are, they only tell you what they were, however, being grounded in the present and taking the opportunity to figure out what you have with your time, you'll have a plan to start fresh and using your time sparingly well give you a level of concentration and importance.