2 years ago100+ Views's the second card for Kyuhyun Fridays :) If you've looked through the pictures, I think you know where I'm going video wise...
Kyuhyun performed with the ever wonderful Lee Sun Hee on Fantastic Duo and it was absolutely breathtaking! See for yourself! :) (Plus, a fanboy Kyu is a cute Kyu ^^) He's gotten so much attention from this and I'm so happy that more people are seeing how wonderful of a singer he is! Also, Lee Sun Hee's voice sounds beautiful! Gah! Why are they so talented?! (/.\)
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I almost cried! he is one of the most talented singers I have ever heard
@AubriePope I know, I was tearing up...and the audience was crying too (/.\) It just goes to show how far he's gone :)
@GamerKyumin my baby is all grown up :')