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Is Luke on his way back to the Lakers?
The Los Angeles Lakers have requested and received permission to speak with Golden State assistant Luke Walton about their head-coaching position.
Does this move make sense for everyone?
There are many ups and downs to this job.
For his first head coaching gig, this could be a serious challenge for Walton. The Lakers don't have a lot of pieces in place and are years away from being relevant. Will the Lakers be patient with Luke as he grows and the roster gets better to evaluate if he can really lead him to the promised land, or will they use him as a scapegoat in 2 years when they are still bad and fire him? I don't know.
There are a couple good things in place though. For starters, they pieces they have on deck are young and getting better. They also have a high lottery pick on the way. Last but not least, they have a lot of cap room and play in a good market. They could get better fast with the right draft pick and off-season additions.
Should Luke Walton take the Lakers job?
Mad respect. But remember, when you're in trouble, you're not going to have Curry, Thompson or Green.
Goodbye Luke
I probably would never walk away from the current Warriors squad but mad respect to him for taking a huge risk