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2016 hasn't been a good year for Nick Young.
The Lakers swingman barely dodged a huge bullet that would've made him the target of ridicule for many in the press.
According to his fiancee Iggy Azalea, Nick was about to make a huge mistake in regards to a new tattoo, as he mis-spelled "rebel" in the tattoo.
The words "Born Rebel" was the new tattoo that was set to be inserted in huge letters across his back.
The story was shared on Iggy's Twitter account.
"Guys, I wanna let you know. Nick cant spell and if it wasnt for the LOVE i have for him. He would have "BORN REBLE" tatted across his back," said Iggy. "I came in half way thru his tattoo and noticed "BORN REBEL" looked different to the way i remember it."

So his tattoo artist wasn't going to tell him that he spelled the word wrong? This is the worst!

Glad they're still ok together
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smh smh
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