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Guys this is just so beautiful. Thanks to the IGOT7 out there that support GOT7 even though JB was not able to perform!
Seeing all these pictures of the performance that 2jae was suppose to do brings me to tears...
I been hearing that IGOT7 sang JB parts and seriously can I say I love this fandom and seeing this video brought me to tears!
Seriously thanks for supporting JB in his time of need!
Look how Jackson trys to stop JB from bowing but JB still does it! He is trying his best to makes us feel more at easy! JB feel better and please take care of yourself!! #GetWellSoonJB
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How do we buy the light sticks I really wanna get one for the LA concert😭
@NydiaEdwards here is a group I follow, so far they will be around 25 dollars shipping has yet. to be decide since it depends how many ppl join if you have any questions ask the girl in charge im sure she will be glad to answer them
Thanks so much!!! do u know how soon I'll be able to join?
@NydiaEdwards If you send a request Im sure she will accept it soon, when I send mine she accepted mine fast. but I dont know