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Sexual violence is an issue that is often swept under the rug in regards to athletes across the globe.
Earlier this week, Detroit Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy, spoke on the matter as he wrote an essay for The Players' Tribune urging all athletes -- not just NFL players -- to "man up" and speak out candidly about sexual assault, victim blaming and rape.
"This isn't about the NFL," Levy writes in the piece. "It's much bigger than that. But I'm asking my fellow athletes to take this opportunity to step up," said Levy.
"As professional athletes, we have the prominence in our communities to effect real change. When we talk, people listen. So in a sense, our general silence on this issue is condoning it."
He later goes on to question the method in which people go to prevent rape, as in teaching young women what not to do to put themselves in those types of situations. He doesn't agree with that policy and thinks we can find a better way to teach all how to address and avoid this situation totally.

Wasn't this piece long overdue?

Do you think sports teams do enough to address this matter?

Yeah athletes really need to step up speak up against this
Everyone should be speaking up against this