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When my cousin first told me about Fairy Tail I got hooked because she said "...Oh, then there is this guy who has a habit of stripping in public." and I was like WOOOOOOOW!! Yeah, Yeah, I know, I KNOW! I AM A PERVERT FREAK YOU DON'T NEED TO TELL ME! But yet again their are other reasons why I love Fairy Tail (besides Gray stripping) and now I shall share them with you all!
REASON NUMBER ONE: HUMOR!! In most of the episodes I laughed my a$$ off! I like how in the middle of an important fight someone can be like "I shall destroy you, BUT fight I shall destroy you friends! MUAKAKKAKAKAKAKAKA" and like someone else can be like "BAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAAAAAaaaa, you said BUTT! BAAAAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA" Some things are so stupid it's HILARIOUS! Now, some people may not like it but, it is a COMEDY series so I think it's logical for it to be FUNNY MOST OF THE TIME. Yet again it is my personal opinion.
REASON NUMBER TWO: THE MASSAGE BEHIND IT! In Fairy Tail many people have a dark past. Erza being a slave for years, all the dragon slayer left by their guardians, Lucy ran away from home, Gray lost his parent and his master, Mystogan had to run away from home for the sake of others, Mavis was treated like trash, and many more. But now look, Erza is THE strongest woman in fairy tail and Natsu and all the dragon slayers are stronger than ever, Lucy has TONS of friends now and will soon become one of the strongest celestial wizards ever. Gray also has many friends and a new goal, destroy Zeref, Mystogan rules a kingdom without magic, Mavis became the first master of fairy tail. They all made this by moving on, giving all they got, never give up, and of course the power of friendship (to bad I'm a loner) a beautiful positive message indeed.
REASON NUMBER THREE: ROMANCE ALL the romance stories are ADORABLE! From Nalu to Gruvia ALL ARE SO cute, I'll admit, even the ones I know will never happen, Now my main OTP is Jerza, as you may know, but so many ships that sail I can't even count them! Love over comes it all! Even our strongest in Fairy Tail.
THESE ARE SOME OF THE REASONS WHY I LOVE FAIRY TAIL. I kept it with three because the list would be to long. Until next time!
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