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Around the All-Star break, the Heat were considered a favorite to challenge the Cavs in the East for a run to the finals. Tonight, they are on the verge of elimination in the 1st round of the playoffs.
Up 3-2 and coming home for game 6, The Charlotte Hornets are in position to win their first playoff series in 14 years.
This isn't good news for the Miami Heat.
Though Charlotte won 48 games in the regular season, as the sixth seed it's played with something to prove throughout this series.
Charlotte is shooting 40.7 percent in the series but has gained the advantage with defense. The Heat averaged 119.0 points and shot 57.8 percent in the first two before putting up 84.3 per game on 38.6 percent since.
The big problem the Heat are facing at the moment is their inability to create offense in the half court at the moment. The loss of star player Chris Bosh a couple weeks ago has hurt this team tremendously.

Are the Heat in big trouble in the playoff series against the Bobcats?

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Nope! They beat the Hornets today!