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One trend I have been seeing more and more these days -especially with the hot weather and sunny days- is girls wearing snapbacks. For years I only ever saw guys wearing these hats, but since last year girls have picked them up as well. I believe they have transitioned well into a lot of different styles and attitudes. They were hard to find, but these are only a few ways you could incorporate a snapback into your daily look. I would definitely opt for a more feminine look (like in the second and third photo) since I look terrible whenever I try to pull off a slightly more sporty, boyish look. Terrible meaning I look like a 12 year old prepubescent little boy. Menswear is whole other story- but girls who can do that sporty, casual look... I think it's great.
@roselee89 It depends on your style... but I do like the floral snapback because it's a bit more feminine. Though when in doubt, I usually grab black head gear since I have black hair. Thus it blends in a bit and doesn't look overly trendy. I recently went to a Beyonce concert and bought my first snapback there hahaaha :p Let me know what you end up choosing!
Love this trend, I'm actually planning to buy some snapbacks to try them out, any recommendations?
I also noticed this trend, personally I think its kind of cute :D
@SabeenM have you tried ebay? that website usually works miracles ;D
@beeonka That's the one I am now on the hunt for :p It's finding the right one which takes so much time!!
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