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The Heat suffered a tough loss in game 5 of the NBA playoffs against the Bobcats.
One of the big issues in the game discussed by many was the lack of foul calls down the stretch. Dwyane Wade drove to the basket for a potential game-tying shot in the final seconds of Wednesday's Game 5 between the Charlotte Hornets and the Miami Heat, but he was denied at the rim and didn't draw a foul call.
One of the people to speak out on the matter on social media was his wife, Gabrielle Union. "Absolute BS!!" said Union on Twitter.
They need to get fined. Period. Crappy officiating deserves a FINE and suspension. Not after the fact "oh well," said Union on Twitter.
If there is one thing I have learned about refs, it's that they HATE being embarrassed about a call they "missed." Many don't understand that basketball is a streak of runs and up and down calls.
If she thought the refs swallowed the whistle in game 5, wait until she sees the game tonight.

Should Gabrielle Union have kept her thoughts to herself on this matter?

I watched the replay and that was a fair call. Totally vertical.
People should be careful of what they put on their social accounts
HAHAHAHA but the refs and the NBA responded that it was a fair call and they trolled Union on Twitter