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How Proenza Schouler Stole Summer
Dedicating this card to @TessStevens--Hope you don't mind the photo snag!!!!
We're like five inches from Summer. And I know this because LA is sweltering these days, though, it's not even May yet. UGH!
Get a head start on Summer with this fabulous Eyelet Proenza Schouler sandal. Besides being the ultimate in summertime footwear, this has the everyday black simplicity with the eyelet metal to catch and reflect the light of day and night.
This may not be a Christian Louboutin, but I think this would look stunning on you @TessStevens!
Eyelet-embellished leather sandals
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I think they would both look great depending on what you're wearing.
a year ago·Reply
She mentioned that she wears a lot of black in your other card @jordanhamilton so when I saw these I immediately thought of her
a year ago·Reply
Those would def look great with an all black fit and I feel like the white ones would be perfect with a head to toe denim look.
a year ago·Reply
these in white and denim. yup yup @jordanhamilton
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