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There are quite a few Instagram accounts that I follow that are entertaining as hell, and that I can relate to as a Latina. If you're looking for new stuff on your Instagram feed, here's some accounts you should really consider adding.

1 - LeJuan James

He is a comedian who is known for his hilarious short Vine videos. He's both Puerto Rican and Dominican and he is definitely worth following.

2 - Being Latino

They pretty much have an account everywhere (Instagram, Facebook, ect). Their online pressence is definitely known. Not only do the post Latino-type humor, they often post general funny content.

3 - We Are Mitu

You've probably have seen them on Facebook, and they even have a website too. Sometimes their posts can be a bit controversial but they are "unapologetically Latino." They make a lot of their own memes. Check them out.

4 - Lipstick Fables

Ana Alvarado is a YouTube and social media video vlogger and she's funny as heck. Most of her videos are completely in Spanish.

5 - Oscar Miranda

Oscar Miranda is "just another Hispanic kid from the San Fernando Valley" who makes really hilarious videos.
Yessss! He's awesome! @danidee
LeJuan James is HILARIOUS. I remember when you shared his vines before!
O wow. I'm Puerto Rican and Dominican too...
Oscar just reminds me of some of the silly dudes I went to school with lol.