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A.D.R. : Feelin UnEasy

((a/n: sory for taking so long...gonna update it every sunday though.)) asianfanfic: . . . "Hey you coming out or not?" She smiled at me as I pocket the paper Jay gave me. "Y... Yeah I'm coming." I left the room with her, as I looked behind me. He really was gone this time, and it was creeping me out. I didn't know how to go about any of this but it was actually making me more curious than creeped out. What was he hiding from me... What was everyone hiding from me. I decided to shakes off this unsettling feeling, and re-enter the bar lounge. When my co-worker and I enter the room, there was banner saying farewell to me. They even had a cake with candles too. I just smiled at them all as I went over to blow out the candles. Something felt wrong though in that moment the lights were out. I noticed some peoples eyes were actually glowing in the dark. The lights had turn on quickly though, so I couldn't confirm it. Yet, it had me thing of that man from earlier. Was this what he had meant when he spoke...


. . I was heading to my gate, so I could catch my flight. I have been on edge ever since last night. Though it was daylight, didn't stop me from inspecting everything. My sunglasses made it easier too. Thank you eyes for being so sensitive to the sunlight. That sinking feeling came back when I was handing over my plane ticket the moment I was at the gate. "Oh Miss Scarlett, you were actually upgraded to first class." Something was off, cause I know my family. No one would pay for someone to come in first class.I didn't argue though, since it meant my flight was gonna be nice. I was escorted to the first class seating area. I till had to sit next to someone but I didn't mind. They were sleeping, or at least that what I though since their cap was covering their eyes.Their arms were crossed against their check too. I simply took my seat and fasten my seat belt, after storing my carry-on bag. After they went over the safety procedures, I turn on the TV in front of me. I was channel surfing when a extremely warm touch my hand. Stupidly I was wondering why it wasn't sweaty or if this person was sick. "Just pick a damn channel, the clicking is annoying." The deep raspy voice mudder before letting go of my hand. I just stared at him confused as to how the faint clicking noise annoy him. It made me think of Jay again. "God damn creeper." I mudder under my breath as I shook my head. I felt a pair of eyes looking at me. The person sitting next gave me a dirty look, after they lift their hat up. I felt my face get flush out of embarrassment. He had heard me think out loud. We both knew too that it sounded like it was directed at him. "I'm sorry, I was think of my jerk ex." I bow my head apologetic wise and looked away in shame. The man just shook his head and tap his cap down to go back to sleep. Already, this long flight was gonna be a pain. The man next to me didn't once move though throughout most of the flight. This was a fourteen hour flight. How did he not have to use the bathroom, or get thirsty or hungry. He kept making me think of Jay. I felt like I was losing my sanity now, slowly. I remembered Jay had given me his number. Just case this actually started to happen. I search my pockets for the paper like my life depended on it. I woke up the gentlemen next to me, but didn't care. I wanted an explanation before I check myself in for going crazy. I finally found the number and sighed with relief. "You know Jay Park?" I looked over at the man sitting next to me. He was looking at the number I had in my hand. It only said Jay for the name. So I wondered how he knew it was Jay Park. "Kind of... He a family friend." He looked up at me and we both made eye contact. "That was a good lie, almost had me fooled." I looked at him puzzled as he pulled out his cell phone. He show a photo of him and Jay together. "So why do you really have my boy's number?" I gulped, afraid he wasn't going to believe me. Yet, I decided to tell the truth. I didn't need this man taking this phone number away from me. "He gave it to me, and told me to call him when my world began to become twisted." He looked me over twice as I stuffed the paper into my bra. Didn't care if he saw my breast or not, I just really didn't want him to take this paper from me. His eyes started to glow a beautiful gold. Just a moment ago they were a deep dark brown. I was officially afraid for my own life now. He grabbed the hand that once held the paper and sniffed it. Okay not I was afraid and creeped out. His eyes went from gold to deep dark brown once again. "I believe you... but why would your world get twisted." He gave me a warm smile, once he left go of my handle. Though it didn't last for long, when he noticed my emotional state. "Don't hate me for this, but how old are you?." I sigh heavily to the question. Why was my age so important all of a sudden. "In the states I'm twenty four years old." He raised an eyebrow, while taking his cap off. He ran his fingers through his hair, revealing a shinny and big forehead. For some reason the flaw actually made me like him more. He seem more friendly now and more welcoming. He fixed his hair and cap before looking back at me. "Is your world being twisted as we speak?" I just simply nodded my head, and he looked around. He then unfasten his and my seat belt. I just blinked in confusion, as he took my hand and got up. He pulled me up and dragged me to the cramp bathroom. My face was flushed as my heart started to race. We were extremely close and in a tight space. He held my waist and picked me up to sit on the sink. I was afraid even more now. I pressed against his chest to keep him a good distance away from me. He simply chuckled at my pushing him. "I'm not going to do anything to you... As if you could truly fight me off." His arrogance was annoying me now. "I just wanted to talk to you in private. I can help you in Jay's place." He grabbed both my hands and held them gently. "My name is Ki-Seok but my fans know me as Simon." Simon was more gentler than I had expected but still felt like he was a cocky little shit. He rubbed my shoulder as he looked me in the eye. "You have no idea of what's happening around you right? I bet my eyes changing color freak you out too." I lightly nodded my head and he petted the top of my head. "Okay you know those movies... Like for example... that Twilight crap?" I just nodded my head again and he smirked. "First off they don't really sparkle but wolves are that big though." I just blinked causing him to laugh softly. "What I'm saying is they are real. You're actually part of our world, but you don't seem to have ever awoken." my eyebrow went up and he just laughed again. "You don't believe me do you?" With that question asked, I took a deep breath before answering. "After what I've been witnessing. It explains a whole lot. Still think I'm going crazy though." He smiled warmly and gently touch my cheek. He was so warm that I wanted to cuddle him. I nuzzled my cheek against his hand and noticed he was actually moderating my behavior. "Well I can tell you're a dog person, you silly kitten." I pulled away from his hand and squinted my eyes at him. He softly laughed before pulling down from the sink. I was so close I could feel the heat radiating off his body. "What are you then?" He stop himself from opening the bathroom door. "I'm a wolf." He spoke before leaving the bathroom first. A flight attendant was waiting for us outside the door and was giving us a disappointing look. He just winked at her and smirked before going back to his seat. I hung my head in shame though, cause I knew it looked bad. Yet nothing even happen, but a full convocation. . . . Chapter 1: . . . 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