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Thought I would do something a smidge different today. I mean, it's Friday, so why not? Right?
In another card, I was inspired to write a card about these phenomenal must-have Summer sandals.
So...this time it's about my girl @Alywoah. While I know that flats are more her speed, I thought the leather pants and the flared sleeve blouse was killer. On the other hand, I also felt the deep gore yellow striped skirt with the sleeveless blouse was dynamite.
@Alywoah--these looks are for you. But if you had to choose one over the other, which would it be? It's okay--you don't have to wear the heels! :)
What about you Vinglers?! Which of these two looks could you see yourself in now, through Summer?!
Digging the look on the right opposed to the skirt.
Black leather pants heck yeah!!
I am really digging the leather pants and the white top! It seems like more my style!!
definitely the blouse and pants. I love those
That's actually the first image that I found and immediately thought of you @alywoah. Then I snagged the other image because I thought, YES, this girl can pull this off, I just know it! :)
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