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Thought I would do something a smidge different today. I mean, it's Friday, so why not? Right?
In another card, I was inspired to write a card about these phenomenal must-have Summer sandals.
So...this time it's about my girl @Alywoah. While I know that flats are more her speed, I thought the leather pants and the flared sleeve blouse was killer. On the other hand, I also felt the deep gore yellow striped skirt with the sleeveless blouse was dynamite.
@Alywoah--these looks are for you. But if you had to choose one over the other, which would it be? It's okay--you don't have to wear the heels! :)
What about you Vinglers?! Which of these two looks could you see yourself in now, through Summer?!
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That's actually the first image that I found and immediately thought of you @alywoah. Then I snagged the other image because I thought, YES, this girl can pull this off, I just know it! :)
Black leather pants heck yeah!!
Digging the look on the right opposed to the skirt.
awe...and I loved that skirt so much hahahahaha
definitely the blouse and pants. I love those