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Ever get the feeling like you're the ONLY one that's grinding away?
Your friends and family are like, Just chill...let's have fun....
Or maybe you're surrounded by your peers, students, co-workers, that constantly use the "It's good enough" mantra.
Sorry, but that's not gonna fly!
You, be about YOU. Keep grinding, going that extra mile 'cause one day--even if it's not today or tomorrow--you're going to look back and discover the secret to your success wasn't pleasing people, but sticking to your guns, working hard, doing what you do, to be remarkable.
Don't get caught up in the mediocre.
I've been really feeling this lately too. I'm trying to invest myself further into the things that I do instead of simply moving through them.
@marshalledgar you'll be pretty
something fun, who knows what might be learned
@petname83 I've been thinking about making the switch from entertainment to cosmetics
no, ecommerce call center. I've been in fashion/apparel for 2 years, it's what I know @marshalledgar
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