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Late {WW} sorry

Ya I know I'm 2 days late I'm sorry. Moving on. This card has spoilers for Death Note, Cowboy Bebop, Mirai Nikki, Vampire Knight,Tokyo Ghoul and RWBY (in that order). I'm mostly doing husbandos in this card.

Death Note

Light Yagami I was really sad when Light died because a world with out Light would be very dark. Even though his death was sad it was ment to be. He got crazy with power and the path he went on was one that would soon lead to death.

Cowboy Bebop

Spike Spiegel What a fitting end for a bounty hunter. He was such a good character and I liked him a lot but the anime had to end with his death. See you space cowboy.

Future Diary

Akise Aru This one really made me sad. Why did he have to go and get himself killed like that? Like he knew Yuno would get crazy after he kissed Yuki. Then Yuki still loves Yuno even after she killed his friend. His death was really upsetting for me.

Vampire Knight

Ichiru Kiryu This is not Zero so don't freak out. This is his twin brother Ichiru. I actually kind of liked this character but his death was kind of expected at least to me. I'm probably the only one that was sad when he died. He doesn't seem like a very popular character. That picture of them as kids is just so cute I can't get over it.

Tokyo Ghoul

Hideyoshi Nagachika This death hit me hard, Hide was one of my favorite character and that end scene was so sad. I cried a lot on this one. Why did Hide have to go?!


I just want to make a shout out to Penny and Pyrrha. I usually only do husbandos but I had to include these 2 waifus for this theme. Ya I was really sad when these 2 died. I know Penny is a robot but it was still sad to see her turn from Penny to quarters.
I was late in doing mine too! Poor Hide!! :''(
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