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Annyeong, happy Friday to you all! I hope you all have had a wonderful week!! This week has been a little rough for me, but I'm okay. Anyway today.os our baby YoungJae's special day so let's make sure we celebrate and show him some love.
Okay so many of you know that Daddy JaeBum is my UB of GOT7 but yall also know that YoungJae has been trying to steal his place...well this performance nearly did it. I know you guys have probably seen this performance if you haven't then please go and watch it. All of the guys look and sound good but there is just something about Jae and his outfit and his hair and then his voice...holy hell...his voice just melted my ears and soul. I never knew that we live for this love could sound so hot and beautiful at the same time until he said it.
YoungJae being cute and sassy!!!
Of course yall know I have to include some 2Jae like why arw they so cute and they are perfect to one another. I included the video warned it maybe cause you to cry because it made me cry. YoungJae and Jaebum were suppose to perform the song together , but as you know Jaebum was unable to perform so he sung alone. He sings his heart out and you can tell that he was really upset that his hyung wasnt there. He even tears up at the's okay YoungJae we know that you are sad and worried but try not to worry Jb is going to be okay and we are all here supporting you all. We all hope he gets well soon and we all love you guys!
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please tag me in all this beautifulness
TGIF!! or better TGYJF!! 😊
so cute with glasses 😍😍
I want to try to get the two piercings like him but I am too chicken
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