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Okay me and two other friends of mine were wondering if you'd help us decide what our stage names would be if we were idols.
Introducing Becca (blonde short hair with bangs). She's the youngest (sophomore) and is clearly adorable. She's very motivated, loves to dance and loves horses.
Introducing Cassondra aka Blondie. She's the second oldest (junior) and the tallest. She's full of sass and is very carefree.
And then there's me; Micayah. I'm the oldest and also a junior. I'm a bit of a nerd and I love music and reading books.
So let us know what you come up with. (I just realized that I'm in like every pic but apparently I don't have a lot of their selfies on my iPod 😂).
Becca - Ray (you can spell it cutely) cause you're a ray of sunshine! Cassondra - Crystal cause you're shiny and your eyes look like gems!! (such a pretty color omg congrats haha) Micayah - maybeeee pick your favorite book character!? That would be cool!
i am so not creative omg ahahaha