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Have you noticed the uptick in bronze makeup looks and tutorials? That's because Summer is speeding toward us and you cannot tackle the season until you've managed to work bronze into it (somehow).
Loving this TOO EASY tutorial by Roya Fadai (@rfadai), who is an expert in ethnic hair and makeup, based in Vancouver, BC.
How she achieved this look using Anastasia Beverly Hills shadows:
1. SHADE CREASE with WARM TAUPE using SigmaBeauty brush 'Tapered Blending - E35'
2. DEFINE CREASE with DEEP BROWN outlining first and blending upward using SigmaBeauty brush 'Smudge - E21'
3. SHADE LID with FRESH PEACH using SigmaBeauty brush 'Eye Shading - E55'
4.LINER: Line the eye with Anastasia Beverly Hills Waterproof Creme Color in JET creating a wing that connects to your crease line using SigmaBeauty brush 'Small Angle - E65'. Also line your waterline and smudge onto lower lash line setting with DEEP BROWN.
5. LASHES: style SAMANTHA from HudaBeauty
6. GLITTER (optional): Violet Voss in PIXIE PINK on top of the FRESH PEACH shadow. Mix the glitter with Sally Glitter Gel to form a paste and spread it on at the very end for a bronze effect.
Glad you love it @SarahRegulski
totally agree @MyAffairWith
Wow! I love this!!
@marshalledgar yeah I know. But I don't want to join them. What's the point of doing good work if it isn't genuine, right?
I love these colors. These have always been my favorite colors and thanks to you I now know what to do with them. Thank you!
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