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Ok so our boys ae coming back this week and they are only going to promote for a week after the weekend concert that they are going to have. I really want to do a card every week how much I love these boys. Every day with be dedicated to each member. I know some of you have seen cards like this, but I want to do this.
So today I figured I could show how much the boys have changed me from the time I listened to them and how their songs mean so much to me.
Our crazy boys the year that they debuted I heard of them but didn't listen to them until they came out with N.O. At first I thought that N.O was their debut song well that changed after i got to know who they were as a group. The songs No More Dream and We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2 were my go to songs when I was upset and they helped me through some tough times. I was going through the first year of college I had no one that I could talk to let along my family nagging me to get out and have a life. I was just a normal freshman in college and I was trying to find who I was.
The year that I celebrated of listening to KPOP was the year that I listened a lot to BTS. Boy In Luv was the song that got me into listening to them more, but I was listening to more of my ultimate favorite group. Though I kept up to how Bangtan was doing and listened to them when I was in the mood. My go to song was Tomorrow because it helped me see that even though I was having a bad day there was always tomorrow to have a better day. Danger was a song that I would listen to when I was at my brothers sport actives. That song is on my top most played with almost 600 hundred plays.
Last year around this time I was anticipating the boys comeback and when the came back with I Need U they literally hooked me to the point there was no turning back. Ever since they came back with I Need U at that time I confused to my best friend that I had feelings for him. I was rejected. So when they boys made their comeback every song seemed to help me through the pain. I was an emotional mess at the time and it didn't help matters when they came out with RUN and my best friend wanted me to met his girlfriend. Now that they are coming back with a new song I really hope that it is happy in some way. Young Forever didn't help with the surprise attack and it caused me to remember things that I wasn't in the mood to remember.
Each day since last year with I Need U and RUN I wanted to know more and more about these boys and now they have ruined my life in a good way and that each day they put a smile on my face. I don't know what I would do without them. Each day this week I am going to share my love for each one of theses boys. Why? Even though they get enough love from everyone some members are not getting appreciated as much as some. So look forwarded to a card each week. Also so happy that the boys have made their comeback!!!