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I can't believe I'm saying this, but...
I am unable to go see Got7 this summer because I will be in Great Britain on vacation with my mom. I was so excited about going, but my mom said that we were going to be in Ireland that day so, I will just have to wait until next year to see them; that is they will come back to America next year, but who knows? I might just have to save up for a trip to Korea to see them. Oh well, at least there is always next time!
I can't go and it hurts me because I couldn't go to the EXO concert either 😭😭😭
Thank you! I really hope I enjoy Great Britain! I just need my passport!
Im going to kcon so I cant go to GOT7's concert .-. #NoMoreMoney x3
Don't worry you will get another chance to meet them..😆
its okay i never get to go to my favorites groups concert and besides you might see really good things is Great Britain.
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