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Revelry Installment 2 Part 1
When your alarm rings you stretch and roll over; promptly falling off the couch. You look around confused searching for Kyungil, seeing Jak curled up on her mat on the floor. What? Didn’t she leave with Jiyong? How did you end back up on the couch? What in the world is going on?
You hear a muffled ‘mm’ as she rolls over.
You scramble over to shake her awake, “Jak!”
“Hm? What? Oh, hey you’re awake. How are you?”
“How am I? Confused. Why aren’t you with Jiyong and where’s Ill?”
She sits up and looks at you strangely. “[YN]? Are you okay?”
“Just answer my questions!”
“Ji’s out of town and Ill left when you kicked him out last night. I went out in the hall to talk to him and when I came back you were passed out on the couch. Did you hit your head or something? You’re beginning to worry me.”
“No. I swear, Ji flew home to surprise you for the weekend and Kyungil came back. He confessed, there were rings,” you look down at your bare hand and whisper,
“What the heck’s going on with me Jak?”
“Sounds like a pretty awesome dream; I wish it was true. We’d both be waking up happier this morning.”
She awkwardly pats you on the back as she stands,
“Want something to drink?”
You numbly shake your head still unbelieving it was all just a dream. It was real, FELT so real. God how messed up are you? You create a confession and relationship with a man who does his best to annoy you just so.. what? Why would you do that?
Jak walks back in, “You sure you’re okay?”
You numbly nod, sure why not? You’re just slowly going insane, nothing new to see here. “I have to get to the shoot before the others to make sure everything’s just right.”
“Want me to go with you? I’m free this morning. I can run interference for you at least.”
You shrug; why not. It might help having the reality of Jak there with you since nothing else in your world seems to be real at the moment.
As you shower humiliation keeps running through your brain. What if Jak hadn’t been home when you woke up? Would you have attacked an unsuspecting Kyungil at the shoot? You laugh derisively at yourself and slam your head into the shower wall, wow you’re pathetic.
You and Jak arrive just minutes before the production crew. You show her a picture of what and where everything belongs. You trust her to get it as close as possible without you doing it yourself. Even though you left everything exact when you left yesterday, they must have rats because hardly anything is where it belongs. How in the hell?!?
It takes a little longer than normal to get everything back exact and by that time, the group and production people are all standing around waiting for you.
You look over at the director only,
“Sorry, it’s ready now.”
He simply nods; looks irritated and yells for everyone to get into place. Jak drags you to the back where the two of you are out of the way and can watch.
“Ji never lets me come watch the making of his videos,” her hand flips as she states, “some crap about distracting him while he’s working. As if, I sit here, I don’t make a peep. I think it’s all in his head.”
You just look over at her, almost word for word from your dream. You shake your head and glance down at your phone. You have a few missing texts.
SCM: Morning. Wow what happened to the set last night? I feel bad, I would help you but know I would put it away wrong.
SCM: Hey, are you alright? You look off.
MJA: I assume you’ll leave after you’re finished, as we discussed.
A shooting pain stabs you in the chest at Kyungil’s message and you start to shake. How could you have ever thought he would come back and of all things confess?
When the director yells cut, you stand up and walk off the set.
(Gris hides)
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why..... 😢😢😢😢
a year ago·Reply
I'm happy it's back but STILL THIS IS SAD 😢
a year ago·Reply
Oh man.......lovely way to start my day. Lol!
a year ago·Reply
I just started reading them today and I've fallen in love....FEELZ ALL OVER THE PLACE
a year ago·Reply
♥ thank you @bigbang2ne1exo
a year ago·Reply