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You sleep late and awake to an Instagram alert. Pictures from the previous night are being posted. There is one of just him, one of him and his group member, and one of him and his girlfriend. You smile as you remember the evening and snuggle back into your pillow as you remember the late night conversation the two of you shared. Your text alerts and you look back to see that you have an incoming picture text from [HN]. You wait impatiently for it to load, thinking it’s probably a candid shot that he didn’t want to post to the world. When you open it you see a picture of the two of you, heads bent together in conversation.
You sit up and look at it closer. It must have been when everyone first sat down. You can’t stop staring at it; the two heads close together, the smiles on the faces. Your text beeps again but with a message.
“One of my favorite pictures from last night. It was more enjoyable with you there. “Why did death make life taste so much sweeter?””.
You’re stunned. How do you respond to this? You know how you WANT to respond, but he has a girlfriend and Chad…. You shake your head to clear your thoughts. It’s pure fantasy. You are in a strange land, receiving attention from a handsome stranger; you can’t let your heart run away with your head. You’re friends; that’s it, that’s all, it will never be anything more.
You look up the quote and find it’s from; Inkdeath, one of your favorite books. Your heart starts to race at the part of the quote he left for you to finish.
“Why could the heart love only what it could also lose?”
You toss your phone to the side and try to hold off a panic attack. Your head tries its hardest to reinforce to you that you are reading way too much into innocent comments. You take a deep breath and grab your phone again; he’s expecting a reply.
It’s the beginning of the weekend; you and Lee don’t really have any plans so you get dressed and decide to just wander around the city. It’s rather fun just bumming around with no real destination or place to be. You keep trying to put last night and the morning’s texts out of your head but it is of no use. Before you know it, a derpy smile is on your face and you seem to be floating down the street. You begin to tease Lee mercilessly.
“What is up with you? Stop it! What you get a late night call from Chad?”
That sinks your balloon a little bit but doesn’t totally deflate you.
“I’ve only talked to Chad once and he sent me an email the other day, that’s it.”
“Seriously? Wow. Did you guys have a fight or something before you left?”
You shrug, “Nope. I don’t know, I would have thought he’d miss me more.”
You look off across the street so you don’t have to face her.
“It’s been a little depressing and eye opening.”
Okay, now your balloon is deflated; thanks a lot Lee.
“Oh, [HN] posted a few pictures from last night on his Instagram. Nothing with us though,” you bump her shoulder and wink, “we aren’t celebrities.”
“I don’t want to be a celebrity," she says with a hair flip. "I’m good with being just plain old me, wandering around with no limelight or paparazzi.”
“Agreed! I bet they wish they could have a day like this. Just out and about, no one snapping their pictures, asking for autographs, bugging them. It makes me feel sorry for them.”
“Don’t forget they wanted that life. Right? Didn’t you say they all audition to be idols and not everyone makes it?”
You nod, “True. I guess we can’t feel that bad for them than if it is the life they chose. Still, even if they wanted to be entertainers, people should let them have a life away from it.”
“Should, would, could; not ever going to happen. That part you can feel sorry for them about.”
You look up at the sky, shrug your shoulders and throw your arm around her.
“No more sorries! It’s a beautiful day; we are out and about, let’s wreak some havoc.” You look over with a wicked grin and laugh when she responds with one right back. “You’re on!”
The two of you spot a Karaoke Bar ahead and zero in on it, yelling at the same time, “KARAOKE!!!!!!!!!”
You have no idea how long the two of you have been in this room. You ordered lunch and it was delivered, you pretty much don’t have to leave; so you didn’t. It is just like sitting at home and watching KPOP videos except you can sing along and sing along as loudly as you want without anyone getting upset. After a rousing chorus of ‘Loser’ by Big Bang, you plop down on the couch for a breather. Your phone buzzes in your back pocket.
Text messages and oh, it’s dinner time. You open the texts and see they are all from [HN], starting over an hour ago and the last one just a moment ago.
[HN]: Have you had a good day?
[HN]: I must be interrupting or your phone is dead.
[HN]: Now I am worried, would you please text me back?
Oops. You quickly start texting him back when your phone rings instead.
“[HN], hi, sorry I just received your texts.”
“What is all that noise?”
“Oh, Lee and I are at a Karaoke Bar,” you laugh. “I guess reception is really bad down here. We’ve been here most of the afternoon. Sorry, if I worried you.”
“Two beautiful women alone on the streets of Seoul; why would I be worried?” You hear him sigh, “I almost came to look for you but I had no idea where to even start.”
That takes you back a bit. You decide to change the subject.
“I’m sorry. Did you need something?”
“I wanted to see if you and Lee had any plans for the evening?”
“We have no plans for the whole weekend! That’s how we ended up here; we just kind of wandered to it.”
He clears his throat; obviously he isn’t happy about that comment.
“Would the two of you like to join me for dinner? At my place again?”
You look over and motion to Lee, “Dinner with [HN] tonight, you want to go?” She nods and carries on with her version of 4minutes ‘Hate’.
“Sounds like that’s a yes, we’d love to. What time?”
“Tell me what Karaoke place you’re at and we’ll come pick you up.”
Just friends, just friends...maybe if I say it enough times, I'll really start to believe it...or not?! lol Hmm dinner...and we'll pick you up?! Wonders who we is?!
Ooooo this will be fun 😊😊
I love that song (your title card) !!
Just friends huh.... 😁
wae? what's this vibe I'm getting... say something wrong? wae Rain Oppa pic? I drooled... lol <3
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