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Jin has to be one of my favorites within BTS. He is cute handsome and caring. Yes everyone says that but we all know that it is true. I think what drew me in to liking Jin was that he was older then me. I know its weird but that is how I started when listening to new kpop groups. When I started to listen to Bangtan and I grew to knowing who Jin was I couldn't help, but fall for Jin's charm.
Jin I have noticed that when he acts cute he gets shy. Its so cute and seeing him act like that brightens my day,
Now we all know how much Jin isn't a fan of dancing but he makes sure to do his best for us ARMYs and the members. However he has fun doing his shoulder dance to bring a smile to everyone of us. He has however improved so much that it just makes me proud that with his hard work it is paying off. I just know within the FIRE MV the chorography is not easy. I try my best to do covers of the dances from all the groups I listen too. However I am not going to try and do the cover for FIRE.
Jin oppa just has to be the only idol that is really cute when he eats. He looks so happy when he is eating. I love seeing this side of him.
We all know that he loves pink and Super Mario. Hands down he is one handsome man in pink. When i see him in pink I say to myself "why is he so handsome in pink?" along with why does he have to be so cute when he is hugging Mario.
Everything that I have listed are all my favorites. However, my ultimate favorite thing about him is how much of a "mom" he is around the member's. Making sure everyone eats along feeding and cooking for them as well. He even worries over them when they cry and he seems to be the only one to put Yoongi in his place.
With everything it is sad to know that not many see this side of him. I know that I was the same at some point that didn't see him as a mom, pink princess, a cook, and so much more. When ever I watch a video and he is with the three younger members I can't help but say "look how cute mom is with the babies." I know weird but that's how i see it from time to time. Oppa my wish this year is for more fans to see you this way.
@Choijiah agreed we will aigoooo kinda tearing up a lil right now seeing his happy face in the pictures with his wife AIGOOOO ♡♡♡
let's be honest any woman who gets to.marry him is a lucky woman he's perfect he'd be a awesome husband always making her smile and laugh as well as awesome food to eat and hugs n kisses n omf n an awesome father always caring for his children like aigooo I can't
nae! happy tears *sniffles* :"3
@mrsjeon aigoo happy tears. 😢😀
@mrsjeon when that day comes when he announces he is getting married i think all of us will be so proud of him.