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Freakin Yui Yuigahama (Right) and Irohas Isshiki (Left) From My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU. These two Girls are my favorites within the Show for very good reason.
Yui Yuigahama is one of the sweetest, most Cheerful and outgoing people I've seen in a while. Though she is one of the most outgoing people in her clique, she's a bit socially Awkward, but in the most adorable way possible! There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a little shy and socially Awkward, personally if I find that in a girl I'm interested in I tend to go for that type. She's just so sweet and kind and I love that about her.
Iroha Isshiki is a very sly and manipulative girl who knows how to use her cuteness to her advantage. Iroha is also quite the tease when it comes to getting a person to notice her. To me She is the best match for Hachiman in the show by far personality wise. I love this girl. She's definitely One of a Kind.
That's Waifus 22 and 23!! I love these girls so freakin much!! These two are perfect Additions to my Harem Madness Collection!!! #MyTeenRomanticComedySNAFU #YuiYuigahama #IrohaIsshiki #MyWaifus #YouCan'tHaveThem
@faithharmer They aren't twins
@BlackoutZJ I can't unsee it
@CreeTheOtaku Whoa you're right
@BlackoutZJ the shy but socially awkward one
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