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Are Officials To Hard On DeMarcus Cousins?
Despite showing great improvement in his game, Demarcus Cousins continues to be one of the highest criticized players in the NBA.
Over the years, I have watched Demarcus play. I have watched him excel. With that being said, he hasn't been perfect. I have witnessed him lose his temper at times, like many stars do. Despite his all-star status, he doesn't get the rope many stars do.
Is it time for a change?
DeMarcus himself is aware of the challenges of those perceptions. In a radio interview with Carmichael Dave, Cousins contrasted how he’s treated by the media and referees with another fiery personality — Draymond Green.
"If I ever did what Draymond Green did on the court they would kick me out of the league" - DeMarcus Cousins
Demarcus does have a point here. The difference between the two right now is that Green is winning games and plays an exciting brand of basketball. Demarcus at the moment does isn't apart of a winning franchise.

Are officials too hard on Cousins?

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Yeah I feel like refs are much more harsh on certain players over others
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