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British Company gets Obamacare Contract

Due to increasing pressure to meet an October deadline for creating "healthcare exchanges" the US Government has awarded a contract for their implementation to Serco, a British company. Serco will help determine who is eligible for insurance subsidies and Medicaid. The GAO (Government Accountability Office) found that the Obama administration has spent $394,000,000 on efforts to establish these exchanges. We'll see the results in October...
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I think you're speaking to the classic question of why incumbents in congress have such a high reelection rate, even though the approval rate is a laughable 7%. As I understand it, everyone likes their congressperson, but thinks all the others are stupid. Don't you think our government will be a reflection of ourselves? If we have a society with class conflicts, than the government will be in a sort of conflict with the people.
I think we should educate the masses, not continue with the media driven distractions to pit races against each other. I think we should stop allowing for special interest groups to buy our represented leaders. I think that treason is abhorrent, but I think that if the only concern is that Snowden is problem, then we should look at the perks our politicians get and the decisions they make for us - and remember we pay them. I think we are being pushed into a socialist state which doesn't work for anyone but the bureaucrats. I'd rather pay teachers well instead of paying a Congressman anything. To not protect ourselves by doing away with the military spending would be foolhardy. The issue with having Seco come into the Affordable Care Act picture is a reflection of poor policy, not thinking something through before implementing it, they needed a model because the states, with the exception being Massachusetts were not prepared. We have had bad presidents before, both parties, but this one is reckless. Despite your opinion on his intent, this policy is going to crush the economy further. Reminder, nothing is truly free other than will. What's sad is we have a mass of people who are so spoiled and undereducated, even those who tout degrees, that we've gotten so far from basics of being good to one another. I don't want free healthcare, I want a good job, with potential to grow both intellectually and economically-because I am willing to work for it. I don't want to suckle at the goverment's teat for food, housing, or health-care. And there are truly poor and indigent people who need our help, but there are a plethora who don't need it taking advantage of it. Which has created a phenomenon where opportunity has decreased and welfare increased, and were almost at a point of no return, and that's truly sad. I think everyone is lulled into thus Democrat vs. Republican, Religious vs. Agnostic, Rich vs. Poor, race vs race mentality, we are missing greedy politicians vs the people. Louis Black said it best when he said the two parties are basically the same bowl of shit staring at each other in the mirror. So that's my rant, more worrysome than the English company running our health care, is the government running it.
The money we waste on supporting our enemies could be better used on this aca and education here. we could cut back on welfare for breeders and fine the companies outsourcing jobs. The education of the population and rewarding hard work is a necessity.
I think one thing we can do to make it better is focusing on education-->economic growth--> we won't have to use other countries' companies. I don't know the best way to do that but if it were me i'd spend a lot less on national security and a lot more on education/research/science.
personally I think the government is about obscurity to what they are doing. Snowden has them scared.
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