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I.M what I am

Honestly, everyone in Monsta X is my biases. That's why they are my bias group, but I have to admit, I.M is my UB in Monsta X. For some reason, he always grabs my attention and my eyes always drift to him first
Awe. Just look at him. How can my bae looks so freaking cute pre-debut to debut.
Just random gifs of I.M being weird, sassy, sexy, and from cutie to a dork. (No I.M, I don't think the sign tastes good)
I.M just being I.M. he is so weird but I'm fine with that. I like them weird.
I love I.M deep voice. I can listen to him rapping forever and never get used to it. My favorite line from him is “ I am what I am. I represent myself ”. It is from Young (0) By Giriboy Ft. Mad Clown and the cast of No.Mercy. It's really good, I recommend it. Plus I.M part gives me chills, I replayed it so many times. (bonus: a small clip of him singing)
Bonus: just random videos
Who is your Monsta X bias. Credit is given to owners (I think I died while making this card )
@ravenblackwell, It was before his debut with Monsta X. It was in his Nu'bility days.
hold up a minute. when was he blonde. why am i so late about this.
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