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After taking a hiatus from the team last June, former 49ers tackle Anthony Davis has made efforts to re-enter the NFL, but contract negotiations have stalled with San Francisco. On Wednesday, Davis made it clear he was done trying to make that relationship work.
The 49ers should Draft an Offensive Tackle in the top 10. #NFLDraft2016, " said Davis on Twitter. Davis later tweeted he doesn't "want to work with a front office or anyone else who seemingly doesn't want to win as bad as I do." Davis was a first-round pick of the 49ers in 2010, but he stepped away from the game following a head injury to "let his brain and body heal."
Since the Superbowl run the team had four years ago, the 49ers haven't added any key pieces in free agency and have drafted a lot of project players.

Did Davis take this overboard, or was his criticism of the team well deserved?

As much as I loathe the f*cking 49ers (Go Seahawks) I can appreciate his attitude. Sometimes you have to call people out to center the mindset of what your ultimate goal is.
Well the team is now coached by Chip Kelly who doesn't care about winning