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In Donald Trump's victory speech after winning five primaries Tuesday, the Republican frontrunner said of his presumptive Democratic challenger, Hillary Clinton, "The only thing she has going is the woman's card."
At this point, I'm trying to figure out who is hasn't Trump offended with his comments. He has issues with so many people from so many different walks of life that it's hard to identify who is his target fan base.
I'm truly scared that his campaign is still rolling strong.
and he's right. Every time you turn around she's playing that card. She tried to do so a few ago saying trump is causing a war on women and he shut her right up by mentionung how she treated the women who spoke out against Bill Clinton. How she drug them through the mud in a desperate attempt to cover up her husbands actions. Every time we turn around thats all she talks about is equal pay for women (despite paying her male interns more then her female interns) or abortion rights for women (despite the fact that its legal even though a recent poll concluded 80% are against later term abortion, 65% are against abortion in the second trimester and 40% are against abortion in general) or she talks about her "struggle" in the world of politics vecause she's a women. Thats it! Thats literally all she has to talk about because she certainly cant run on her merits as a senator in New York were she's been cault taking wall street money. And she certainly cant sing her praises as secretary of homeland security, despite the fact that she let our men die KNOWING they were under attack WHILE SHE SLEPT IN PEACE!!!!!!!!! She certainly cant run on the whole honest issue because she is a consistent lair who has told so many by now that she herself cant determine fact from fiction. And most of all she cant say that she can be trusted with our country's top secrets because she did worse then what our general did and has yet to be indicated for that!!!!! So tell is she a champion for women? What has she honestly done that qualifies her as president?!?!?! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! You might not like Trump, and he is by far perfect, but at least he has helped make peoples lives better. He's created vast amounts of jobs. He's helped dozens of complete strangers of ALL races.....and yet he's the evil and vile one? Hes the racist and sexist despite the fact that Killary calls a former grand wizard her friend, teacher, and mentor.....?!?!?!?! Seriously people? smdh This shouldnt even be a real question. 53% of democrates say they cant trust her....yet she could be our next president?? God help us. God help us all.
@Animaniafreak Um no He has critized the obama administration for not vetting immigrants who come into the country more thoroughly. And he's correct on that. Not all muslims are bad and he's admitted that but wouldn't we want to vet those coming from the middle east who want to kill us? Shouldnt we be wanting to do a better job at that as he's suggested? Theyve already said that they were gonna abuse our open boarder and immigration policies. Their words not mine. So want Trump has suggested was that until our country can determine a better way to vet them then we need to hault immigration from the middle east involving muslims since they are the ones killing and raping people. Just look at whats going on in Europe. Its the same policies that Jimmy Carter and his administration used when Iran fell to radicals and guess worked in keeping radical terrorist from entering the country. As far as the whole "Mexican" issue goes have you honestly ever spoken to the boarder agents or have been to the border? Despite what the news says its absolute chaos!! The boarder agents are the ones calling for the wall to be built because then it makes it easier on them to patrol and do their job! And by taxing the goods that Mexico currently ships to the US while taking advantage of us will easily pay for the wall. Combine that with all the illegal money that illegals have been caught sending back to mexico and that would easily be enough to pay for the wall. Also add to the matter that we are whats keeping mexicos economy afloat and its simple math. Their 1% would be more than willing to pay for the wall to keep their country from collapsing financially and cause their cushy corrupt life style from vanishing. Now add that to whats going on in these "protests" where just in the last 2 days hispanic men have been waving the mexican flag on US soil while stomping the American flag and its obvious that Trump was right when he said that Mexico arnt sending their best. If they were those people would be trying to keep their heads fown and work hard to support their families WHICH SOME ARE! And they should be allowed to stay. But our country is failing, it failing all around us in infurstructer, mass debts, a snail paste economy, and fighting endless war which TRUMP WAS AGAINST from the beginning and Hillary SUPPORTED. Im sorry, but I don't know about you but we need a different direction. At this rate if we let another carrer politician take office then were just gonna stay the corse like the Titanic heading tbrough the ice field, were gonna sink and alot of people are gonna die. Cause if that happens we will essentially become a 3rd world country. I think we need to let someone who's never been in politics have a chance and see how they do. And then in 4 years if he doesnt do a good job (or sooner) we the people will remove him from office. Now does that sound fair? Is that a fair estimate in your opinion?
@Straightshooter you wrote a lot but sound more like trump's marketing campaign, there's nothing constructive about it, a bit of nice gesture here and a few more good deeds there, and you are already sold? I'm sure if there's a Hillary supporter out there, that person will properly give me the same stat, that just good corny marketing. But you are running for president! not miss universe! Is he bringing any good solid policy or constructive views on board? Things I've heard from him so far are barring the immigrants, Mexicans are bad and all other grotesque comments blah blah, I mean c'mon you really want someone vulgar like that for president? by the way, you should stop treating people as "Hillary supporter"just becuz they don't like trump, I support neither, to be honest it's like picking the best out of two turds, no matter which one you pick it's gonna suck.
@Animaniafreak dude you dont know what the hell your talking about. Yea he's a businessman so by him having a business that employees hundreds of thousands already does more for anyone than hillary ever has. But lets put that aside for a second and google search all the things that Trump has done that has helped complete strangers which you claim "nothing constructive ever come out of that man" shall we?? 1. First google search the story in which trump was driving down the road and watched a complete stranger help change a persons tire for them. Intrigued he called the man over soon after. During which time he asked him if there was anything he could do for that man who helped someone in need. He expressed no that he didnt need anything but reluctantly gave trump his buisness card anyways after trump pressed him further. Later that week that man went to pay his morgage payment at the bank where he was informed that his morgaged had been payed in full and that he now owned his house. example #2 what about the story in which Trump, after learning of an elderly black women was about to lose her house he offered to take her and her family in until they could find a new home. However his kindness didnt stop there. Not only did he take them in for over a year until her children finally managed to find her a new home but he payed all her living expenses while she stayed there. He gave her the nicest room in his hotel to come and go as she pleased. But you wont hear that from the media. #3 How about the famous actress/singer Jennifer Hudson whom after multiple people close to her were found dead it was Mr . Trump who stepped in to offer her full protection at his hotel while authorities looked into the murders to see if she or anyone else was still a target. He didnt have to do that but he did any way. why? because he is very generous, something the media wont report. Look I can keep going on (not that it probably matters to people like you who, more often then not, already seem to view him as the scum of the earth and worst then hitler even though hes never killed or persecuted people) but im gonna stop right here. my point is that you should really do some deep deep fact checking first before you stick your foot in your mouth that "nothing construtive has ever come from that man" when as it turns out employing thousand of people and giving tens of millions to charity to help the poor is way more than hillary as ever done yet you still deem her as less vil...
To be honest, I never liked Hillary, but I loathe trump way more! That guy is just vile, he's happily running a negative scare campaign so he'll get more vote. nothing constructive ever come out of that man, more jobs? please, that just a by product of his business, any businessman can claim he create jobs for the people. If cutting work force will bring him more money or votes, trump won't hesitate to do it, he doesn't have a moral ground, he just follow the money trail. If he becomes the next president of the United States, not even God can help you.
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