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I pre-ordered 'Young Forever' the other day and I'm already tired of waiting (⇀ ↼‶)

Ahhh, their comeback is literally AROUND THE CORNER, too. ARMYs, which version do you prefer: Day or Night? Also, when's the most helpful time to buy albums? I read somewhere that it's best you order them when fansigns start but I have no clue.

May 2nd is the day, peeps (・Θ・)


I ordered the Night ver. Yesterday ^_^ Ill get the day ver. Someday xD
I ordered both versions - I couldn't decide, so my daughter and I figured that meant we needed both...
@Badtz Actually the only other preorder I had was The exodus album, but the website either never shipped it or it got lost XD But my other packages have arrived well :)
@Bangtandoll that's horrible 😱😱 hopefully you'll get your next album on time!!
I can't preorder because I get frustrated because last time I preordered it took 5 weeks after they shipped it to get to me and I ordered it before that so It was like 6 weeks of waiting
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