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This is my favorite character from fairy tail her name "Mavis" I decide to show you guys that I drawed her to see if you like it. Please leave a comment for any other drawings request or if I good or bad. I won't get mad if you say it terrible but this is my first time doing this I'm still new.
thank you and I will accept the request
that's great! looks good.
@Aquagirl ok thank you. please tag me in the card when you are done and any cards you post of your drawings. I really like seeing other Nakamas artwork because I like to draw to. It's nice to see the work of others
Oh and I'd like to make a request if you don't mind. Since you already drew Mavis why not draw Zerif, only if you want to of course.
I'm not saying this to be nice but you did a nice job. Mavis is so cute. Good work, hope to see more from you in the future. Oh and I should probably say, welcome to Vingle Nakama! 馃槃
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