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The other day, my friends and I were enjoying some fried chicken, and someone suddenly asked, "Who came up with this goodness?" Well, nobody knew, and I had to figure out. "Scottish immigrants to the United States are often credited with being the ones to introduce fried chicken to the country where as most other European immigrants to the country ate baked chicken." Scottish people...who would've known??! source: http://theurbandaily.com/551842/a-brief-history-of-fried-chicken/
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@YinofYang I cnt seem to help it. Food jus mkes me think "nom nom" time!!! XD
@relinashinee Can't I just call you, Nom Nom?
@YinofYang i thnk u shud. Non nom loves food... XD
@YinofYang i thnk u shud. Non nom loves food... XD
@relinashinee Nom Nom it is, dongseng.