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The SNL comedian, who portrayed former President George W. Bush in a recurring role on the show, is joining an upcoming comedy about another popular Republican president. Some people are less than thrilled about the casting.
Near the end of his life, Reagan suffered from dementia. Alzheimers is not joke and is something people across the globe battle.
Probably best that Will avoid this role as this could bring a lot of bad press his way.
well thats the thing, it was supposed to be a spoof of his later years when he was suffering from alzhiemers
I believe that Will is a very accomplished actor beyond his often ridiculous facade. I also believe that President Regan and his wife did amazing things for our country. Should he get portrayed as not only humorous but accomplished, he will be served well by the portrayal be an accomplished actor will grant him a sense of immortality that he deserves.
Yea he already announced that he wont go throught with this role