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Stunningly gorgeous.

Thanks to Reddit user Supercub, this amazingly creative peacock wedding cake is definitely going to strike some future couples deciding on wedding designs for their big day. A traditional white floral cake with a peacock on top? Perfection.
When it comes to wedding cakes nowadays, couples are looking for the design or concept that makes their special day stand out. The traditional floral designs are mostly a thing of the past as personality now wins in your wedding cake design. However, as the times have changed, so have people's tastes for desserts.
Cake is out but cupcakes are in. Why? Because people hate the feeling of eating an entire piece of cake because by today's norms, it's considered being an unhealthy option. But with a cupcake, it immediately limits you to a standard size, you can take off the icing immediately, and you know exactly what you're eating.
This creative peacock wedding cake does just that emulating both a cake and cupcakes for their guests to enjoy. Each cupcake is a feather to make the gorgeous tail of a peacock that people love to see.

What do you think?

this is super creative!
This is so cute! I love the little spot detail on top of each of the cupcakes!
Omg that's amazing. If I ever got the chance of getting married(which I highly doubt I'll ever get married) I'd take it
this is amazing, but some of the cupcakes look like they need to be turned around... (just a bit OCD, I was raised around peacocks...) I hope that didn't come off as a complaint...
That is one of the most stunningly gorgeous cake I think I have ever seen!