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Kendall and Kylie Jenner are arguably the most popular teenagers in the world. And with that honor comes a very strong sister-sister bond to combat the mountains of haters while also keeping up with millions of fans. But just like everyone else, big sister Kendall loves to mock little sister Kylie...except the only difference is Kendall is mocking Kylie publicly to her 55.6M followers on Instagram.
The picture is shown above.
Fans found the picture so amusing that it was liked 1.4M times with over 104,000 comments. WOW! Kylie has yet to make any comments back on the photo but I'm sure she responded with the eye roll emoji since her big sister embarrassed her. Everyone needs to have some sisterly love in their life sometimes...even if it's annoying.

Kendall's follow up post?

omg why did she mock Kylie?
love Kendall and Kylie
Mocking one another is one thing...basically confirming that your sister is dumb as a box of rocks is another, but if that's what they're into, have fun with it.
Thats funny 馃槀
i actually do this when im skating but i leave my hat backwards because the snap back allows some cool air to flow through the top of my hat so my head doesnt get too hot and start sweating
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