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MinseokxOC story So, this one has been bugging me for awhile so I thought I'd finally write it. I think I'll start writing more one shot, so that my reader of my other two stories "The Death Amongst Us." and "Run" would have something to enjoy while I'm writing more chapters. anyways enjoy.
It's my first time in Seoul. My best friend Emily that lives here asked for me to come visit, so I did. She picked me up at the airport I was so happy to see her, "Emily!!!" I yelled, she looked around for the voice that called out, but I realized that I had my facemask on still, so I took it off "Alex!!" she yelled back when she spotted me. We hugged then left to go to her car. "I'm so sorry that you can't stay with me but I got you a room at this hotel" she said after leaving the airport, I just shrugged and told her that it was okay as long as she doesn't leave me anywhere it would be cool. We got to the hotel she got for me, and let me tell you it looked really expensive, but that's not what caught my attention. What caught my attention was the huge crowd in the front. "What's with the crowd?" I asked her she looked and smiled "probably some kpop group, they stay in the hotels sometimes" she said I nodded, "you mean like... EXO?" I asked smiling she nodded and pulled in. It was hectic going through the front, we both had face masks on, so no one really paid attention to us, we had to tell the guy who was holding the girls back that we were guests. We walked to the front desk as she checked me in, "okay here's your key, do you wanna just relax? We can get some food and chill tonight, you had a long flight" she asked I nodded and looked as more girls screamed and seen a group of guy walk in, I caught eyes with one of them, and these pair of eyes looked familiar. "Let's go Alex, your probably hungry" my friend said getting into the elevator I looked towards the guy again he was still staring at me. We got up to my room and I went to look at myself in the mirror, did I look funny? Do I look like I'm not from here? I am wearing skinny jeans and an Iron Maiden shirt. So probably not. "Hey, I'm going to get some ice" I said my friend said okay, right when I walked out my door, I tripped into someone but they caught me before I hit the ground, forgetting I had my face mask on, I took it off and looked up to apologize "I'm so sorry" I tried saying in Korean, when we caught eyes it was the same pair from the lobby, then I realized who this person was, "your American right?" He asked in his soft voice, I nodded he smiled "I knew it" there was another guy with him but much taller than he was. I smiled not knowing what to do, "I'm Alex" I said bowing, he smiled "Alex, that's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl" he replied I bushed a little, "Hyung, can we get to our room now, I'm tired." the taller one had said he nodded and looked at my door and smiled, "I'll see you around?" He asked I nodded and watched as he walked off. Completely forgetting what I was originally suppose to do I walked back into my room, smiling to myself and sat on the bed with my friend. "Hey? Are you okay?" She asked I nodded. I couldn't believe that I ran into Him, and actually got to speak to him. After when Emily left, I was so restless, I noticed that there was a blocked off pool area, so I dug around my bag to find my headphones and plugged them into my phone and started listening to music, and walked out of my room. I stopped by a soda machine and thought about getting something to drink, there was a wall that kinda stood out. I was trying to figure out what to get when I felt someone enter the same area, I looked to see who it was but he covered my mouth as some voices walked by, he checked to see if it was clear then took his hoodie off and his face mask I pulled out one ear "Ah, Alex nice to see you again" he said again. I smiled and started blushing again "um, so why you up so late?" He asked he looked like he was blushing as well, I smiled "uh actually I couldn't sleep, with the whole time change" I said he nodded "I was actually going down to the pool and take a walk" I said again "Alex?" He said I looked at him "this hardly happened to me but" he trailed off as I was waiting for him to answer but instead he got closer and pulled me into a hug, I was surprised. We stood there when I felt my hands run up his back to hug him back. I could feel his heartbeat quicken. We pulled away as he looked at me, "can I... Can I come into your room?" He asked, I nodded as we walked from the vending machine area and walked back to my room, our hands brushed against each other soon our fingers interlock with each other, I pulled out my card and slid it in the door, still having music play in one ear I got nervous. We walked in as he looked around I had some shirts out that he was looking at "Bands?" He asked I nodded, I felt really stuffy so I went to open the balcony doors. "Did you want to sit outside?" He asked I shrugged for the life of me I couldn't speak. He walked out to the balcony and I followed. We looked out to the city, I started hearing the familiar music playing through my earphone, which happened to be First Love, he grabbed the other and smiled. "so you listen to us too?" He asked I smiled and I nodded "I uh, actually seen you guys on Valentine's Day in LA" I said he smiled "How did you enjoy it?" I nodded "it was amazing, my first Kpop concert" I said to him and looked away, he grabbed my face and i forced to look into his eyes. I could feel our face closing in, I closed my eyes and waited, then his phone rang. He sighed angrily and reached for his phone and answered it I could hear the other person on the other line am in the hotel still, Im having a walk around the pool he lied the other person said he was just down there Chanyeol, look trust me Im still here in the hotel, just dont tell the manager that Im out he replied to him and hung up. He looked at me with a worried look. If you need to go… I started to say and looked back at the city lights. He turned me towards him, his hands on my shoulders, I was afraid to look at him. His hand cresses my cheek as he left up my chin. How long are you staying? He asked softly about three more days I replied He looked sad, he pulled me into chest as he hugged me once again, I wrapped my arms around his waist, as he move ld his head into my neck, i shuddered at the feeling of his warm breath into it. He then lifted his head and rested it against my forehead, I unwrapped my arms as his rested around my waist. I never thought to actually fall for someone that I only just met, but all this just seems right he said to me, I blushed feeling the same way, knowing this is exactly how I felt when I first laid eyes on him in the music videos, their talk shows, seeing them live. He leaned in closer, at the same time Heart Attack started playing. He smiled as he closed the gap between us, as mine and his soft lips moved in rhythm, at first it was slow the more passionate. I could the love and meaning into the kiss, he pulled away and looked at me, he traced over my face, I think.. I tried saying, I love you Alex he said I looked at him with a shocked expression what? Was that too soon? He started to look panicked I pulled his face down and kissed him it may sound weird but Ive always loved you, I fell in love the first time I seen you. I confessed he chuckled a little and smiled, his beautiful smile that made his cheeks puff up. I couldnt see your face at first, but I knew, you looked beautiful from afar he started saying, then when we ran into each other again and I seen your face I knew he finished. He kissed me again Alex, will you be mine? He asked, I smiled and nodded he smiled and hugged me. We moved back inside and sat on the couch that was in my room and watched movies, he was so nice, he wanted to take me out the next night for our first date, then mentioned to about meeting the rest of the guys, what about when I leave? I asked I honestly didnt want to leave, not now, I didnt think Id come here and meet the guy I fallen head over heels for, Im sure Emily would let me live with her, I could find a job, Im sure theres a lot of photography jobs here. All he did was pull me closer I dont want you to leave, but if you have to, then we could both wait for each other, Ill pay for you to come here, and if we go to the states Ill run away to see you. He said laughing at the last part I smiled. Well if I could find a good photography job, I could see about living with my friend I said he looked at me and grinned youre a photographer? He asked I nodded let me help you find a job, okay jagi! He exclaimed I nodded, another movie started and I snuggled into his arms more, his arms tighten a little around me, in a protective way, he whispered in my ear I love you Alex I smiled and looked up at him his eyes staring into mine I love you too, Minseok
Thanks for reading. Im open to do requests. I dont do much smut writing (Only cause Im not good at it) So if you just like the fluffy stuff then I can do that. :) Anyways thanks for reading Vingle fam. :D Let me know if you want to be tagged in future stories.
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