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Hey all. Your Resident Ken Bug. So sorry this is so late, I have not felt good, so I have been absent from Vingle.

My card will not be as elaborate as I'd like, but we still need to appreciate the Ken Bug ♡ Regardless of me being sick.

Let's talk about how cute he is. It's okay though cause I want my hair a certain way, so I understand.

So, what this means is if I touch his hair, we can fight. Sign me up please!!

No comment needed. Oh Ravi, how can we move forward if you stay in the past. Tsk Tsk.

Ken is a little picky but he's my Ken Bug and I love him. . . .

Can we also just take a minute and appreciate Leo's look when Ravi Steals Ken's meat?? Love it. Thank you Leo for looking out! You the MVP.

Oh Ken. . . I don't think that is what Ravi meant. . . You get an A for effort though.

Yes Ravi, Ken has a big mouth, but we love that about him.

I'm so sorry there wasn't more to my card, but I love you all. I also apologize with it being late.

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hahahaha awwwww.... my mommy side kicked in when ravi took his meat off his bowl. Leo is me. lol. my son is a lot like him... except for the hair. he has me do his hair. lol
I totally get how ken argues with the hairstylist! I would too. Love how Leo is cooking for all three of them and swoop in Ravi to steal the meat. I may or may not have done the same thing 😜 lol. Why is Wonsik so naughty sometimes? ☺️ and how does he get away with it?!? I love the picture at the end of Leo hugging Ravi. @AimeeH - I hope you feel better soon!
@Annaharris1989 Thank you dear!
Awwwwwww feel better soon!!
@DianaBell I agree!! I had to have them hugging in My card
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