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Something I am proud about this is I made the spring roll skin by myself!
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@minjaeturtles It is kinda easy, just that we need a lot patience in preparing and cutting the ingredients.
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@muarkaki you can also put prawns and fish floss. if you dont mind garlic you can spread a bit in puree form over the sweet sauce. And that pounded chilli if you want it spicy. I love spring roll ... cant stop at one.
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if you want yr spring roll deliciously unhealthy get those mini spring roll wraps from the frozen section. But this time just wrap in the turnip and tofu then deep fry. The sweet sauce becomes the dipping sauce. Cheerios.
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@oj1992 You seems really good in kitchen... Do share with us the food you cook too:)
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@muarkaki sure .... err... I am more of a theory person. when it comes to practical I just use my mouth and eat. hahaha !
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