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A headset for playing minecraft with a joystick? Woah,,,,,,
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@lyricalmotion lol is there alot of screaming to do at minecraft?
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Oh @nshen1 , you're killing me! LMFAO!!!! This is hysterical! It's true, there's never enough glowstone. There's never enough of anything on survival. That reminds me, I have building still to do. XD
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@lyricalmotion lol you are hilarious, i didn't get the reference until I looked up what it was xD @yinofyang glad you enjoy my humor collections :) perhaps you could upload and share some of your minecraft masterpieces?
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What is this image from? I'm sure Minecraft enthusiasts are not enthused. LOL
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@nshen1 Yes, I definitely do. I can definitely do that. My works aren't...anything like what you see on Youtube, but I still put a lot of love into them. (^_~) @Saravy :D
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